Planet of the Eyes (PC) Review

This is another game that I have got no idea how it ended up in my Steam library and if it wasn’t because I had just finished Seum I don’t think I would of noticed it for a long time. I have downloaded and completed the game now it is time for a review.


I love the way this game looks, the overall world is just amazing to look at with it both being an alien planet with futuristic elements is just great especially to someone who is obsessed with sci fi. I do have to say there is one part of the world that looks like a 5-year-old had drawn the level and it was instantly noticeable just how bad the level was and if it wasn’t for the rest of the world being so well designed then it would impact just how good this game looks.

This game has got the third cutest robot I have ever seen the only bad part is that I am not able to find the name of the little guy so we are going to go with Eyes. Just look at this guy and you tell me he isn’t cute as hell.


If it wasn’t for BMO and claptrap, then of course he would be number one.

The game reminds me so much of LIMBO that I feel like it is just a carbon copy of the game, basically your aim to go right as much as possible till you finish the game and the only thing along the way that is going to stop you is a few different puzzles. It even copied LIMBO that much there is an insect that follows your around for a few puzzles but instead of it being a spider it is instead a Tic looking creature. If I didn’t love LIMBO as much as I did, then I would most likely be annoyed with this game for not making an idea for itself but it copy’s the gameplay of LIMBO but with the level designs and different puzzles makes it its own thing.

Even though I feel like it is a copy of LIMBO, I do think that the way the game plays is amazing. I had a lot of fun for the whole 1 hour and 28 minutes it took me to beat this game solving the puzzles and seeing everything that this game had to offer. Of course I wish the game would be longer but at the same time I think they didn’t stretch out the gameplay to much and kept the story nice and short but had something to it that made you want to listen to every single audio log that you came across. I would play this game again or even a sequel if the company ever came around to doing one.

Do I think this game is worth £6.99 ($9), no I don’t I think it should be more around the £5 ($6) with it being a really short game and a copy of LIMBO with a different story and different skin. But don’t get me wrong I think this game is amazing and cant wait to see what else Cococumber can make.


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