Weird Apps You’ve Never Heard Of

So recently I got an email from one of the writers over at Culture Coverage and they asked if I wanted them to write a post from my blog. This is not the first time this has happened but I always make sure that I like the work they produce and in a lot of cases I don’t. So I bet you can tell that I really like the type of content that is produced over on Culture Coverage and have actually been a recent returner to their website for a while now. So it was quite a surprise for them to contact me. Anyway this post comes from Cassie and I link their website now so you can head over there and check out what they produce.

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Weird Apps You’ve Never Heard Of
For years, you’ve been told “there’s an app for that.” No matter what you want to do, it seems as if someone has figured out a way to program something that either makes that doable or makes doing it more interesting. As such, there are some really popular apps that everyone knows very well.
Yet what about those obscure apps no one’s ever heard of? Those bizarre little apps that you’d rarely search for that fulfill some unique niche? Prepare yourself for a strange ride. Some of these apps may prove useful or fun while others are little more than a brief diversion.
Here are some select choices from the app halls of the weird:
Milk the Cow
First up on our list of the strange and exotic is the rare Milk the Cow game. Understand that there are a lot of games to play on the app store (Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Pokémon Go) but did you know there’s also one that’s solely about milking a cow?
And yes, that’s all this app does. There’s nothing else to it at all. I mean, there’s actually a cow selection, so you can change udders as well as a multiplayer option so you can compete with other milkers. I can just imagine what the scoreboard looks like.
Shave Santa
My first thought on seeing this app was little more than a blank stare. Yet that intensified heavily when I realized there are a lot of apps for shaving Santa. For some reason, quite a few different people thought it would be a good idea to make a game where you get to style Santa’s beard. This one also includes Rudolph.
Incidentally, this Shave Santa app is developed by Bluebear. They appear to have several very similar games involving different activities such as giving a makeover, providing medical treatment and shaving not-Santa.
Toilet Time: A Bathroom Game
This little app never gets old for those in the right frame of mind. Toilet Time is an app with a variety of mini games designed around bathroom-related activities and humor. The stated intent of the game is to give you something better to do in the bathroom outside of reading shampoo and toothpaste labels.
This little taste of immaturity might get you in trouble with a spouse or your parents, but it’s actually fairly entertaining. With more than a dozen activities to choose from, it sort of reminds me of WarioWare, only in the bathroom and with fewer Nintendo representatives.
Out of fairness, I decided to include an app that’s obscure for most average users but is incredibly useful. ExpressVPN is a paid service that protects your internet connection by setting you up on a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPNs let the user connect to a remote server which encrypts their internet connection and hides their IP address.
Another use for a VPN is accessing content that is blocked by geographic restrictions. For instance, Netflix’s library is not uniform worldwide, so viewers in some countries can’t watch all of the content available. That restriction can be avoided by using a VPN. Secure Thoughts has an explanation if you’d like to learn more.
Blobfish Evolution
If you thought Milk the Cow or Shave Santa were strange apps, prepare to be astonished. Blobfish Evolution is a bizarre game where you play as a fish trying to become a fishman. The setup is much more like a traditional game in that there are actually different stages and bosses for you to defeat as you progress.
While the overall goal is to evolve, the artwork is definitely the most engaging part of the game. Everything is hand drawn (and designed to look that way), but the drawings are very unusual looking. It’s worth a look if you just want something to do and it’s a more engaging game than some of our earlier entries.
Pimple POP
As gross as it sounds, Pimple POP is fairly non-offensive. As the name suggests, the goal of the game is to pop pimples. Yet these aren’t any ordinary pimples. These pimples are cute little mutant creatures that resemble something from Japan or your emoji list. As a variety of skin issues pop up, your job is to use the tools available to you to fix them.
Those tools involve your own fingers, a laser gun, a needle and a super-ointment that acts as a bomb to clear the screen of enemies. With a combo system and points, the game focuses on just helping you have a good time. The topic might be silly, but why not? If a game about killing time on the toilet exists, why shouldn’t there be one for pimple popping?
Most people don’t think to use a leveling tool in everyday life, much less carry one with them. That’s something for contractors and handymen, right? Well, with this app you can turn your phone into a leveling tool. It’s a handy way to identify surfaces that aren’t entirely flat. Not that it does anything about it, but it’s kind of handy.
The only downfall of this app is the buttons on the side of your phone. If your phone has volume or power buttons on the side, it tends to slightly interfere with getting your phone exactly flat (my phone case suffers from this problem). Still, it’s kind of useful sometimes and a neat thing to show off.
Ripley’s iSword
For something produced by Ripley’s, I’m not sure I can understand who thought this would be a good idea. That’s not to say there isn’t some enjoyment to be had from playing with this iOS-only app, but it’s very strange. The goal is straightforward enough: swallow a virtual sword. It takes a bit of coordination and can be sort of fun, but the novelty wears off quickly.
Perhaps the strangest part of this app is that it shares its name with a Bible study app. That means at least a sizable amount of readers are going to search for the app thinking they’re going to get sword-swallowing action but instead will find themselves reading Leviticus instead.
There’s Really an App for That?
If there’s any take-home message to be had from these apps, it’s that people have some really crazy ideas. And it’s even more interesting when a slew of people independently come up with the same wacky thought for an app. Thankfully most of these apps are free, so they make an okay diversion without costing you anything other than your time.
Do you have any strange apps installed on your phone or tablet? We’d love to hear about them, so please share your thoughts in the comments below!
About the Author: Cassie is an entertainment blogger and internet security specialist. She enjoys spreading the word about strange and interesting technology that just might make your life a little easier.

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