Borderlands 2 (PC) Review

Just like Borderlands 1 this is a game I have been trying to finish for a long time, however until today I have never finished the whole game. When I beat the final boss I couldn’t describe how good it felt to be able to beat a game I have spent 5 years on and off trying to finish.

Borderlands_2_-_Ultimate_Vault_Hunter_Upgrade_Pack_2_-_The_Raid_of_Digistruct_Peak_Walkthrough (1).jpg

What is the story in this game, well you wake up just after an attempted murder on your life from a guy called Jack? He had done this because you’re a vault hunter and are trying to steal the vault key from him. So the whole story is you finding friends in order to stop jack from destroying the world, and after you finally beat him it just feels like such a predictable story line that by the end of the story you are bored. Within the first 5 minutes if you couldn’t guess what was going to happen then you most of never played just about any FPS game that has a role playing tag to it. I mean come on it took me 5 minutes to find out which character I was going to use and then find out it was Jack who tried to kill me so please tell me how someone wouldn’t be able to see that by the end of the story you couldn’t tell what was going to happen. A lot of people will know that I am obsessed with story in a game, so when it comes to me reviewing a game a story plays a huge part in my final opinion and as I didn’t like the story in this game as it was nothing but predictable this game is going to lose some marks from me.

Another part of the game that I want to talk about is the difficulty spike that seems to have come out of nowhere. For the first 12 chapters of the game I was strolling through it, of course I died a few times as FPS are not my strong point when it comes to gaming but I’m not the worst in the world. But after chapter 12 I would die multiple times on a mission it just felt stupid and I could feel myself getting more and more angry at the game because of it. It wasn’t that I was doing anything wrong with the game I was playing the same way as I was before dodging as much as possible and timing my hits while using my special move whenever I could. But it felt like the game was throwing more and more enemies at me per chapter, and each one of these enemies would be 5 levels above me. I know the game encourages you to go and play all of the side missions as well and I tried to do as many as I possibly could but still that didn’t help if anything it made the enemies even more high level as I was levelling up as well. I was really struggling in chapter 18 so I went to do a few more side mission to grind up a few levels. I went to start grinding when I was level 25 and the enemies where ranging from 29-31 so I though let’s aim for 27 or 28 and we should be good from there. I came back at level 28 and I found that the enemies had increased their level as well to 33-34 it was just fucking stupid most games encourage you to grind but apparently this one doesn’t.

I do like the way the game looks, the cartoon looking aspect of the game is great and it kind of feels like you’re just playing a cartoon, just where the character swears a lot and a lot of the time people die as well as the main character numerous times in my case.

The game itself controls very well, I didn’t feel like any of the deaths where because the game made a mistake, if it wasn’t for the increased level difficulty then I know I would have barely died and if id di then it would have been all my own fault. I feel like I was able to move the cursor for the crosshairs well enough that I was able to make just about any shot and the character moved exactly where I wanted them to go.

Overall for me, I don’t like this game mainly because of the terrible story line as well as the difficulty spike that comes out of fucking nowhere but the game controls really well and looks great so out of 10 maybe 5 if not a 4. I will end up finishing the latest borderlands sometime this year so I can finish the whole series.


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