Fifa 17 (Xbox One) Review

The fifa game have never been a big love of mine, as I never saw the point of having the same game come out every year and nothing being different about them other than updated squads and updated graphics. However this year this fifa came out with a story mode, this is the first time that a Fifa game has ever had this and it got me interested in the game from the very start. I have finished the story mode of the game and it is now time for me to review the game.


While I played a lot of the story mode and finished I did play 20 games of ultimate team as well as play some of the career mode so I was able to get a better feeling of the game. This game has somehow the same but different as any other fifa, by that I mean it is still the same old premise where you try and buy the best possible players and make the best team so you are able to beat other people or the computer depending on what mode you are playing. But with a few added extras such as the new way to take corners, free kicks and penalties as well with the addition of a new mode has made this Fifa probably the best one yet.

The story mode is where you follow/play the career of Alex Hunter as he makes his way from playing football for his local team when he was 10 to a career in the premier league 7 year later. Through the journey you will play in both the premier league for your chosen team and the championship for Aston Villa, Newcastle United or Norwich City. You will progress through both league and compete in two cups while improving yourself as a player so you are able to do better and better with each passing game. But it is not all about just playing football, as you have got friends to make, make sure that the media is going to love you while also staying on the same side as your manager but also increasing followers so you are able to get better sponsorship deals which will bring you more popularity. It is during the year in the premier league you will find out who your true friends are and who you need to remove from your life.  Overall for me I think the story is pretty good and adds something to Fifa that is has been missing all this time, however with the character dialogue being so cheesy it can ruin the mood that the game try’s and set but then goes and ruins it by saying some stupid lines for no apparent reason. The story is also very predictable from the start and if you don’t see the ending coming from a mile of then I think you need to start playing some more games or reading more books and it is just a classic ending to this sort of adventure.

One thing I think they really need to change for next year is adding multiple endings, the reason for this is because I lost in the semi-final of the FA Cup but it wouldn’t let me progress and instead sent be back a week and half to reply 3 previous games so I was able to re play the semi-final match. I found this to be really stupid and put a bad taste in my mouth for a while.

The rest of the game is just like every fifa and when you have finally managed to get the corner, free kicks and penalties down then it is like you never left fifa 16/15.

Career mode is just like every other fifa where you choose a team and it is up to you to set your own challenges for each season and decide on what players you buy for each season and so forth. There is nothing I would really change about Career mode as I think it is as good as it is going to be.

Finally ultimate team, the basically free to play add on to fifa where you get to develop your own team from winning games and earning coins to buy better players or spending your own money to buy packs to test your luck in getting better players. I have major improvements I would want made to ultimate team. The thing I would change is to have a minimum internet speed to play in an online match, I played 3 games out of the 20 where it is was basically impossible to do anything other than pass the ball and hope that by the time the connection has come back that the ball has got to your end. The worst part is if the connection dies all together then sometimes even though you had more possession and were winning the game, when you get back onto ultimate team it says you lost the match which is the most stupid thing ever.

Overall, do I think it is worth spending £40 on this game? Well if you already own last year game then I have got to say no as I dont think enough has been added to make the price worth it. However if your like me and haven’t owned the game in years then I do think it will be a worthwhile purchase especially with the 16 hour playtime in the Journey alone.


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