Oblivion by Anthony Horowitz Review

This is the final book in The Gatekeepers series and it has been something I have been meaning to read since I finished the 4th book in the series but somehow I read 8 books before finally getting around to reading this. So what did I think of the finale in this series??


The Story

Having escaped from Hong Kong, the five gatekeepers – Matt, Pedro, Scott, Jamie and Scarlett – are scattered in a hostile and dangerous world. As they struggle to re-group and plan their next move, the malevolent King of the Old Ones gathers his forces in Oblivion: a desolate landscape where the last survivors of humanity must fight the ultimate battle.

Taken from goodreads

This book to me a while to get into and it was really starting to annoy me when I found out it took me a week to read 20% but after that I couldn’t seem to put it down and finished the other 80% of the book in less than 3 days. I don’t know why I couldn’t seem to get into this book as it had everything that I would want from a book, it has a shocking twist that I still didn’t see coming and overall it was just an enjoying read and I did want to read more of it but I think with the added pressure of university and rugby training I was finding the time to read to be smaller and smaller.

Do I think this is the best finale of a book ever? No I don’t I think a number of things could be improved and one of those being the ending of the book. This was one section I really didn’t like; I didn’t like how after everything was going so bad for the five but it still turned out alright for them even though 2 of them had died. For me I would of preferred if the five failed and the old ones took over. This would have made me feel a lot more for the characters instead of seeing 2 of their people die and get replaced with the same people from ten thousand years earlier. I know this is shown when Jamie goes back to help them win their battle with the old ones but I didn’t think that was a good idea then and still don’t know. I think writers always want their books to have a happy ending even though a lot of the time I would prefer it if the main character didn’t always win in the end.

Even with the ending being the way it was I still found it very hard to be able to put this book down after I really got into it as their was not a boring moment in the whole book. With there being multiple character points of if you found a characters story to start getting boring you would only have to read a few more pages and a new characters story would continue or begin. I love it when writers do this as it gives the reader more chance to be able to relate to the characters in the book as they are able to find out more about them.

For me I think this book was a good finale to a great series but if the author didn’t make the ending so bad and predictable from the moment we find out about the heroes being able to go forward and back in time if one of them dies then it would have been great. I do recommend people read this as you will become hooked and it will allow you to finish a great series off.


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