Far Cry 4 (Xbox One) Review

After finishing my playthrough on Doom I started to play this game but when Fifa came out I wanted to do nothing but play the journey for quite a while but now that I have finished that I have come back to Far cry and just finished the main story. So what did I think of this game?


The story behind this game is that you are a guy called Ajay who has come back to his home country Kyrat to scatter his mother ashes but while he is back in his country he discovers there is a bit of a civil war going on and decided to help the golden path after they help him escape from Pagan Main (Main villain in the game). After they have done this it makes you feel obligated into helping them out in their war until you have become too involved with the war that you can’t leave until it is finished.

This sounds a lot like your usual Far Cry story where a random guys comes to an island and doesn’t leave until the leader is dead. However, what makes this story different is that there are multiple endings that you can choose. I know that Far Cry 3 has 2 different endings but Far Cry 4 has 4 different endings, one of which you can do after 15 minutes of playing the game.

During the game there are two leaders of the Golden Path who keep over taking each other as the true leader and it is up to you to decide who you want to be the leader of the golden path. You will do so by choosing between them on 3 occasions and choosing which you think will be better for the country. A lot of the time this is going to be deciding from killing everyone and destroying everything that Pagan Ming owns or killing everyone but protecting the thing that Pagan Ming owns so you are able to use it afterwards for the country. This is what I love about this story and its just how much you get to choose, in a lot of games you just follow the one story line but in games like this and Skyrim you basically get to make your own story line happen which is always a great thing.

The gameplay is pretty good as well, I did notice a few glitches when I was trying to climb  a building or stone wall and I would somehow end up inside of it. However my favourite glitch I found was when I was driving a car and then I crashed down a mountain but instead of stopping when I got to the bottom I went through the floor and just kept spinning and the only way to get out of it was to fast travel to my nearest fast travel area. Other than the glitches the game controlled really well I was able to jump when I wanted to and make sure I was able to aim and shoot whenever I wanted which is perfect in this sort of game.

When sitting close to my TV screen like I would if I PC gaming then I noticed that the game looked pretty great, obviously not as good as when I played through the game on PC but still pretty impressive and I didn’t notice the frames once going below 30 fps and sometimes id swear it went to 60 fps it just looked that smooth/

I spent 15 hours playing through this game but that is only because I made sure I captured every outpost and got every bell tower as well as do as many of the hostage missions as I can otherwise this game would barely be over 10 hours long. What I did like was the numerous about of additional quests you can do to help with your Karma Level as well as your Exp level which made getting weapons easier and being able to progress with the game even easier.

Overall in my own opinion I prefer Far Cry 3, I just liked the island and the main villain so much more and would tell people they should go and play that. But that doesn’t mean this game isn’t good and if I hadn’t played Far Cry3 before than I would say it was great and everyone should go and out and buy this instead but I have so I cant.


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