Rogue Legacy (Xbox One) Review

This is a game I have been trying to complete for the last year or so on PC but I could never get passed the first boss but after getting it for free on Xbox recently I thought I would give it another try and I have just completed the game now and it is time for a review.


The story is told in a strange way in this game and is done so through 25 journals you will find throughout your journey as different characters through the levels. The story is that you are the descendants of a person called Johannes who went into the castle in order to find the fountain of youth for the king as he was promised great rewards but after going into the castle and finding the fountain of youth he was never seen again. So you as the descendants of Johannes make it your mission in order to go into the castle and through the various levels while getting stronger and stronger every time in order to find out what happened to Johannes.

I like the way that the story is told in this game as even though barely anyone talks you do find things to read and as there is barely any other type of interaction in the game it makes you want to read what is going on and after doing so you find out the story of the game and it makes you want to find the next journal so you are able to keep going with the story.

The game play is very good; you fight against monsters who at first might require 2-3 hits in order to kill them but as you level up with the money you find then the number of hits go down till just about everyone in that level except the boss will go down in one hit. However, one of the complaints I have is the delays of what you press to what happens on screen. This game requires a lot of quick reactions in order to dodge some hits but it becomes really annoying how I can press right on the analogue stick then X to attack but it will attack but won’t turn so I end up missing the enemy but also taking damage because I didn’t turn when I attacked. This happened a number of time and I actually died once or twice because of this. This happened again when you have to do a jump where you put your sword down to allow a platform to come, a bit like a shovel knight jump. But because the down direction didn’t get accept then you basically jump onto a spiked floor where you will lose a lot of health if not die. I don’t know if this is the game or my controller that is doing this but I didn’t notice any other problems on any other game on my Xbox so I can’t be sure.

There are 4 main levels in this game, and even though you basically do the same thing in each level they look totally different with higher level monsters with a higher reward allowing for more upgrades. But this is not what makes the game challenging, what does is that the character in which you have choose might have a specific speciality, by this I mean that the character can be a miner which is great if you are wanting to grind money for a specific upgrade but don’t think you are going to be taking on any of the monster easily as his attack will be reduce to make up for the upgrade in the value of coins. If going for coins is not your style and you want brute force with a lot of health and high attack then a barbarian is what you will need, it is actually this character which I used to complete the final bosses of the game. However, each character might have a speciality but each of them will also have an ability that could hinder or help your progress, one of the abilities that might help your progress is the one called ADHD, the reason why this will help you with your progress is because the character that has got this ability will move faster than normal which is great for a reaction game just like this.

Overall for me I find this game to be really fun while aslo being a challenge as it will require time for you to progress and at some stages you will find yourself feeling like you haven’t progressed in 10 tries even though you have. For me I had 115 tries to complete this game (also know as dying 114 time) and played the game for 15 hours which is great considering the game costs £10.99. I recommend that people buy this game if they love the RPG genre or even just a hack and slash that has got a decent story and will keep you entertained for hours on end.


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