Doctor Strange (2016) Review


Since the trailer was first shown for this movie and being able to see what type of character Benedict Cumberbatch was going to play I fell in love with it and couldn’t wait to see the movie when it came out. So after recently seeing the movie I thought it would be time for a review.


We follow a man who is one of the best neurosurgeon in the world, but after a car accident courses him to lose control of his hands and not being able to have them repaired after 7 operations. He travels east after finding out about a man who was able to go from being paralyzed from the waist down to being able to walk and playing basketball and finding out how exactly he managed to do this. It is while he is in the east in a place called Kamar-Taj he is taken on by a women named the Ancient one who will teach Dr. Strange the power of magic and controlling the dimensions. It is during the training that they find out just how much skill Dr. Strange has got for controlling the dimensions and magic that he is now involved in helping saving the earth from Kaecilius.

For me I really liked this story, mainly because it kept you hooked the whole time. You didn’t want to take your eyes of the screen just in case you missed something that would help progress with the story and make the overall understanding of the movie a lot easier. I think the way in which the world was saved in the end was very ingenious and rule breaking which seems to suit the way Benedict acts, if anything it really reminds me a lot of the character he plays in Sherlock Holmes which is why I think playing Dr. Strange was a perfect fit for him and I don’t think Marvel could have chosen a better actor.

The way the movie looked was simply amazing and I don’t think I have seen a better looking movie before. Everything from the way the scene was recorded and the set themselves were fantastic and really helped with drawing in the audience. This will go along with the story line as not only did you not want to miss anything from the story but you didn’t want to miss any of the scenes as it just kept getting better throughout the whole movie.

Now the best part of this whole movie has got to be the CGI. For me if I think a movie has got better CGI then Avatar (2009) then it has got pretty great CGI but not only does this movie have better CGI then Avatar I personally think that it blew Avatar out of the fucking water. Everything from the way that the magic was shown in the movie with its little sparks at first but slowly progress into a portal or a weapon was fantastic, but the ending scene is what made the difference for me. When he is fighting with Dormammu in the Dark Dimension it simply blows me away with how amazing it looked and even the way Dormammu looked was perfect.

With Benedict Cumberbatch being the lead actor in this movie then you expect things to be great when it comes to acting and you would be correct. I think he made the character his own and made Dr. Strange come out as cocky and big head which is exactly what I wanted to see and coming from Benedict who already does such a good job with the Sherlock character.

There was more than just one actor in this movie so I am going to mention a few others. The first one being Tilda Swinton who played the Ancient One in the movie. I think she managed to make the Ancient one not only seem serious but also have a slightly funny side which was a great addition to the movie. I found her serious moment on her death scene to just be fantastic and I made sure I gave it all of my attention as I didn’t want to miss a single second. Next up is going to be Chiwetel Ejiofor who played Mordo, in the movie I would say he is one of the more serious characters, I loved his action scenes. He just seemed to make any fight scene he was in about himself and was showing the audience exactly what he is capable of doing.

For me I think this movie is great and I couldn’t find a single area to fault and I would recommend people to go and watch the movie. If you like a good storyline with amazing acting and CGI scenes, then this movie is going to be great for you. Obviously people have different opinions about movies so please leave your opinion down below so we can have a discussion.


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