Bioshock 1 (Xbox One) Review

A lot of people will know by now that by now I am a massive lover of the Bioshock series and the first game in the series is my all-time favourite game. Now that a remastered version has been made for the Xbox One you know I had to buy the game as soon as possible. Now I have finished the game (6th time) it is time for a review.


The story of this game is what makes me love it more than any other game I have ever played. The story is that you start as a man who is currently on a plane, but the plane crashes into the sea and you are the only survivor. The only place you can say is a lighthouse that is in the middle of the ocean so you swim to the lighthouse and enter and use the submarine in order to go down into the ocean. This is going to be your first introduction to Rapture a city that is beneath the ocean and is home to splicers, little sisters and big daddy’s and many other types of enemies. While in the submarine, you will hear a voice coming from a little radio and the person who is talking to you is called Atlas and after a short introduction he will tell you about everything that is going on in Rapture and you make it your responsibility to help Atlas any way possible.

Of course that is not the full story but I don’t like posting spoilers about games, especially ones that I love so much and I would prefer people to play it themselves. However, as you progress through the game and get to see more of rapture and get introduced to more people you start to make your own opinions about people and you start to realise who you are meant to hate and meant to help. The ending of this story is still without a doubt the best ending to any game I have ever played, the twist and turns is so good I am surprised it has not yet been made into a movie.

If you read the reviews of this game not long after it came out then you will have seen people comparing this game to a work of art just because of how amazing it looked, but with the new updated graphics everything just looks so much better and it made me feel so good being able to get back into this game and see everything again but be able to do so and have it feel like a first time again. I do have one complaint about the graphics and that was for about 10 minutes of the game it felt like the graphic settings had been reduced to low as the graphics hadn’t loads properly and you were just shown a mess of colours on the floor and walls. With the new water graphics being upgraded it made the chances you got to see outside look even better and I couldn’t help but look in awe at what had been created.

The gameplay hasn’t really changed since the first game so I won’t be commenting on that very much. It still controls the same great way and any mistakes that are made are made by you and not the game as you can just feel how much time and effort where put into this game to make it as great as it is.

Overall, I think that if you have got a PS4 or Xbox One and you want to see the new updated graphics on the Bioshock games then go out and buy them as you won’t regret it, especially as you get 3 full games which each have over 10 hours’ worth of gameplay each (35 in total) for a lower price than any new game that is coming out right now. This game has got one of the best story lines in any game possible and with the new graphics and the amazing gameplay you simply can’t go wrong.


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