Nerve (2016) Review

This is a movie I have wanted to see for a long time, and after last night I finally got to see it. I loved the trailer when I first saw it as the movie looked like nothing I had ever seen before and I just wanted to see it right there and then, but because of how many shifts I was working I never found the chance to. However, now I’ve seen it and it is time for a review.


We follow a girl called Vee who is the school photographer and has got a little crush on the school football captain but he doesn’t know she exists. She gets teased by her friends as she is too shy and won’t do anything out going, so the way she proves them wrong is by joining this online game called Nerve where the public dare her to do something and if she completes the dare she earns money. The more dares she does the more money she gets but each dare gets harder and harder. There is only one rule you have got to follow and that is snitches get stitches.

From when I first saw this trailer I fell in love with it, especially as I knew how good of an actor Dave Franco is so I automatically assumed the movie was going to be great. Lucky for me I thought the movie was brilliant and I couldn’t take my eyes away while watching it as I might have missed something important. Everything seemed to happen so fast which for me just seemed to fit so perfectly with the plot of the movie and the whole story. By this I mean that with a game of dares you might play at home then you are expected to complete them as quick as possible so with the movie going at such a fast pace then it just seems perfect in my opinion.

The main actress in Emma Roberts who plays Vee I think did a great job of taking a character who is really shy at the start and slowing bringing her out of her shell into a person who is not only able to compete in Nerve but also shut a lot of people up by showing them exactly what she is able to do. Throughout the movie she still has that little part of shyness about her showing the audience that within the one night that the movie takes place she doesn’t completely change but she is able to prove to herself what she is capable of doing if she tries and doesn’t focus on what other people think.

One thing I noticed throughout the movie was how this movie basically is showing people what people on the internet are like. The game nerve has got players and watchers, the players are obviously the ones who are playing the game while the watchers are the ones watching the players and giving them dares. However, the watchers are paying money to see people risk their lives and in some cases actually die but after seeing people die they still come back and want to watch more. The ending scene is probably my favourite throughout the movie, and this is because of what Vee says, People are always brave when no one knows who they are or in groups but as soon as you are asked to come forward and say everything in public you shy away. For me I think this is exactly what people are like on the internet, people will say some horrible stuff on the internet as no one is able to bring it back to them but in public they wont say a single word because they are scared of what people might think. I think the movie did an excellent job of doing this and should make people think more about what they are doing on the internet.

For me I think this movie was very well acted and edited and once you start watching you don’t want to look away. I recommend that people watch this movie if they like fast paced action and a good story and this movie will be for you.



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