Charisma by Jeanne Ryan Review

After receiving a £50 gift card for my birthday I decided that the best place to spend it would have to be Waterstones, so with £50 i bought myself 8 books thank to a buy one get one half price deal they were having. One of the books I bought was Charisma which is written by the same author who wrote Nerve and after seeing the movie I wanted to see how good the writing really was.



Tacoma, Washington, high school junior Aislyn’s extreme shyness has crippled her socially and cost her a college scholarship, so she jumps at the chance to try an illegal gene therapy, but although she is finally able to date her long-term crush, Jack, the therapy becomes a contagious disease that can be fatal.
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My Opinion

I loved the sound of this book the second I read the blurb it seemed like something I have never read before which got me excited. I did realise that it sounds quite a bit like Nerve with the shy girl only doing this so people wouldn’t think she is shy, but if the overall story is good why do I care? I can confirm that this book is nothing like Nerve and you notice this from the very beginning as the author goes into a lot of detail regarding how Aislyn feels in every situation she is in. How she feels like she wants to run instead of face the fear of people noticing her for something stupid she might do. I loved this part of the book as it really helped you get to know the character and actually start to care for her and wonder what she is going to do about life
The character descriptions and overall descriptions of this book are great, you feel like you get to know every character really well really quickly which is great as it means you can spend more time hoping for certain events to go their way so everyone is going to be happy in the end. When it comes to new places being introduced in the book then the author did a great job in making sure it was very easy for the reader to be able to imagine the character being in that specific place and just made for a better overall read.
The story was fast paced which means you get to go from one event to another without having to go through a lot of filler which for me was great as I wanted to know more about the DNA altering drug and what it was doing to change Aislyn instead of what she wanted to wear to this party. The only part I would class a filler is the last few chapters at the end but with the finale being what it is I don’t blame her for writing it like this as the ending was totally unexpected and I loved every word.

Overall I think this is a book that everyone should read, this is because it allows people to understand more about people with anxiety problems and how they feel in different situations. Not only that but it shows people some of the power that gene therapy can do especially for illnesses such as cystic fibrosis and why we should be encouraging its development.

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