The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper FForde Review

After seeing the trailer for this book being shown on sky 1 for a movie then I wanted to make sure that I did what any good reader does and read the book before watching the movie so I can compare. After reading the book it is time for the review.



Foundling Jennifer Strange 15 is an indentured manager for Kazam, a house of sorcerers. As magic dwindles, so do their jobs. Drain cleaner is cheaper than a spell, and magic carpets deliver pizzas. But the Last Dragon is set to die this week, and Big Magic is coming.

My Opinion

I knew nothing about this book before I bought it, I saw the title and just put the book in the basket and started reading when I got home. The book is very short as it is below 300 pages hence why I was able to finish the book in the same day. However even though the book might be short doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a lot into the 289 pages it has, so much happens in such a small amount of pages and everything that happens in the book all happens within a week so a lot of action in small spaces happening here.

I will admit from the start it is very confusing as the author is trying to mix magic with the 21st century but by also making it modern they have used the united kingdom as a setting, mainly the Hereford area. So they will use normal town names but then have the whole region be called Ununited Kingdoms which takes a while to get used to, as well as the fact how magic carpets are being used for takeaway services. Another part that is confusing is the people’s names and titles,  I can only remember 5 characters in the book even though more than 20 are mentioned this is because you have to remember so much about different types of wizard that it is almost impossible to remember them all on the first read.

Like I said before so much happens in a small amount of pages, this is both a good thing and a bad thing. The reason for this is because even though so much action is happening and making you not want to stop reading so you can find out more and more about the world you are currently reading about, some thing happen fair to quickly and just put a downer on the book. By this I mean, the title of the book is called Dragon Slayer and you get literally less than 4 pages on how the main character goes from running the Kazam to being a dragon slayer. I wanted to know more about the process and not be given a little 2 paragraph statement on it.

The descriptions are okay in this book, they aren’t bad but they are nowhere near being good. I was only really able to imagine 5 things about this book to get a clear picture of, those were Kazam, Dragonsland, the place where the dragonslayer lives, Jennifer Strange and her pet. Everything else to me was impossible to imagine which seeing how there are so many different character in this book it is a major let down.

I recommend this book if you like the inheritance cycle series but wanted to read basically everything that happens in the first book in 300 pages and lose a lot of detail. I’m looking forward to the movie on christmas day so I am able to make a comparison and hopefully make a review about it.


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