BattleBlock Theater (PC) Review

This is the fourth game I have managed to complete in a week which is more than I managed to do in 2 months last year. It has felt great to be able to get back into something I have loved especially as I started to forget what it was like to finish a game, anyway it is time for a review.

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The story behind BattleBlock Theater is a good one and I have got to say the way that it is told by the narrator is hilarious is a big part of what sold the game to me. The story starts out with a bunch of friends all being on a boat going on an adventure till there is a storm that causes the boat to crash into an island where all the friends have been imprisoned, and it is up to you to control one of the characters to someone how get out of the prison and free your friends. However, Hatty Hattingson is the leader of your group but has been forced to put you through your test with increasingly difficult platforming challenges and no one knows why he is doing what he is doing.

At first I was confused at what the point of the story was and it was not until later into the game that you get to find out more and why Hatty Hattingson is being like he is. The narrator in this game is fantastic and he makes everything seem light hearted with his voice but the story is actually kind of depressing at first. He makes jokes that come out of nowhere that actually make you laugh and I can say for a long time I have never actually laughed out loud at a game. The story is great and really helped keep me motivated to keep playing the game to the end.

The way this game looks is really good, it’s nothing amazing but still good. You have the playable characters who are the main attention of the screen but due to the way that they are drew they are bright and colourful and match in perfectly with the rest of the game which is equally bright and colourful. The cutscenes are made using cardboard looking cut outs on sticks which just adds to the humour of the game, these where my favourite part of the whole game and I was actually looking forward to seeing them and being able to see what the narrator would come up with next.

The game plays very well; I didn’t find a single problem with how the game felt while playing. Once you were used to the character physics then you could control the character perfectly and then start to perfect every movement to make the game easier even when the more difficult challenges later in the game come along.

While in the levels you will come across balls of yarn and gems, the more of these you collect then the more you can unlock. With the gems you will be able to free some of your friends from prison which will make them playable characters, which is a great as it means you have a larger choice to find your favourite character. Mine was the character with a cupcake for a head. With the balls of yarn, you are able to unlock new weapons to use against the cats that are in charge of the prison. I found this pointless to do as I very rarely found myself using the weapons expect for the boomerang which I only used to collect gems that couldn’t be accessed by jumping, I did however collect all the weapons as I got more than enough yarn to do so which got me an achievement which was an added bonus.

Overall I found this game to be extremely fun and loved every second playing it. I am hoping that they are going to bring out a sequel sometime soon as I want to hear more of the comedy coming from this game. I recommend you buy this game as for £10 you get 10 hours of playtime with you being able to go back and complete the time trails to test yourself.



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