Happy Room (PC) Review

This is a game I saw being played by MiniLadd and I remember playing a flash game like this back when I was in school so I had to go out and buy it on steam and play through it myself. Now I have finished it and it is time for a review.


There really isn’t a story in this game as your whole aim to try and cause as much damaged to the dummy as possible. The only part of the story we get to see is a little cutscene before the game starts where we see the realistic dummies being made and put into the test room to find the best possible weapon combination to cause the most damage.

Seeing how the whole game is to cause as much damage to the dummy as possible that means you will have a lot to do to occupy your time. This can go from trying to find out a cool new way of making all the weapons work with each other or seeing how many of one weapon can cause the most damage (hint: at the beginning it’s the mines). I will admit after a while it does get boring trying to cause as much damage as possible to try and get all the achievement and if I didn’t spend a couple of hours tonight finishing up the last of the achievements I think I would of gave up on the game.

With the lack of story to keep me intrested I just didn’t see the point of playing anymore, but I don’t like leaving a game uncompleted so I made myself keep playing.

The game looks great and I very rarely noticed any lag expect for when a lot of explosions are going off at the same time, but any game would have caused that. When you unlock a new weapon to use then you do get a little bit excited to find out all of its uses but then the excitement goes away very quickly.

For me this game is fun at the start but the more you play the less fun it becomes and for me I don’t plan on ever playing this game again and I am just happy to finish it. The game cost £3.99 and I don’t think it is worth this price, instead find the free flash game to play instead.



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