Pokemon Duel (App) Review

This is going to be the first mobile game app I have ever reviewed, so this is going to fun. What better place then to start with a game series I have loved for a long time making an appearance on the mobile market with a new type of game. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The story behind this game is to try and become the best duelist with the Pokémon statues you can get. You start off on your way to a tournament of a game that you have never played before. This is where you meet your rival and learn about the game and then slowly make your way up the ranks to become the very best. Just like every main series Pokemon game the story is terrible and doesn’t really add anything to the gameplay experience, it is only there because it has to be.

The game itself looks pretty good for a mobile game, lots of bright colours, the Pokemon characters themselves look great which brings back some good memories of the times when all I used to play was Pokemon. The main menu area is pretty good to look at even if it is a bit confusing as it takes some searching to find the things you would want instead of it just being a simple button.

Onto the actual gameplay now, it is horrible, there is no other way I can put it. It is nothing like the pokemon games we have come to love and in fact the only game that is slightly like this has got to be the Pokemon Trading Card game (Gameboy) which was the most pointless game ever. You control the pokemon statues and make the way around the board and try to get to the opponents end and take their center circle. The way that the opponents tries to stop you is by getting their pokemon statues to be put in the way of you and to have a ‘battle’. I put battle is quotation marks because it is not a real battle, especially after everything pokemon has taught us about turn based battles. It all comes down to luck, and if there is any real skill needed in the battle style then I have not seen it. Your moves are decided on a spinning wheel and it is where ever the arrow stops on the wheel is the move you are going to make. The winner of the battle is whoever has the biggest number or the most stars on their move. It is just stupid and I got bored of the whole game after an hour of playing through it, and that is including the stupid length of the tutorial which I ended up just pressing skip through the whole thing and learned more myself then through the tutorial.

For me this game is not worth it as it is pretty clear to see that very quickly this game is going to become a pay to win sort of thing as you need gems to get pokemon, but you don’t get gems all that often and to get the best possible pokemon you are going to need a lot of gems. I hate games like this and don’t see why people actually pay to win on a app that in a few weeks no one is going to care about (Pokemon Go). I wonder when Nintendo are going to realise that if they actually realise a full title pokemon game like Fire Red or Emerald or even a whole new title and sold it for £5-£15 on the app store (like Super Mario Run) they would make a fortune but nope they instead want to see just how stupid some people are by buying in app purchases on a game that is just boring.


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