Adventure of Pip (PC) Review

This is a game I have played before but I managed to get it again for £2 so I couldn’t refuse that offer and wanted it added to my steam library. Even though I had played it before and remembered everything about the game perfectly I played through it again as I don’t like reviewing a product without getting everything out of it. Anyway game has been finished and it is time for a review.

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In the world that pip lives in, it is how many pixels you have that determines how hi up in the social class you are, as pip is a single pixel character he is at the very bottom and while the king and queen are full resolutions hence why they are king and queen. However they end up needing Pip to save their daughter after Queen DeRezzia kidnaps her to get her power over the bitsteam. It is after this that Pip meets ghost who are able to give him the power of having more pixels, which meant him being able to have more powers which makes getting to Queen DeRezzia and getting back Princess Adeline easier.

Even though I am going to be comparing this game a lot to Super Mario, it is the story which puts it leaps and bounds above the king of platforming games. The story is pretty gripping and is one part that made me keep playing again as I wanted to find out if I missed anything from the last time.

The way the game plays is amazing, at first you have to get used to the button layout especially if you are using the keyboard (I recommend using a controller it helps a lot) but as soon as you have then the game because easy to play, which is needed especially with all the additional challenges that the game throws at you. By the time you get to the later levels the platforming aspect of the game becomes easy as you have become so used to the way the character moves that all you have to worry about it dodging the enemies or finding a way to kill them.

The bosses in this game are far to easy and are a bit of a let down, you play through the stage and expect to come against a boss that will make the game hard for yourself but I was able to beat each boss first time. There just wasn’t any challenge to them expect that you have to wait for the right moment to hit and then do that 3 times, really simple and easy.

The music in the game got boring very quickly, I just couldn’t listen to the whole track without getting bored and want to stop playing. I instead listened to a random playlist on Spotify as I found it more fun and allowed me to finish the game quicker then I would of normally.

Overall if you are a fan of Super Mario or other platformers then you have to play this game and see what a great platformer this is. As long as you don’t mind a boring sound track and easy bosses then this game is going to be for you.


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