Football Manager 2017 Review

This is a game that I play every year and I always seem to be put in 200+ hours into the game, so far this year I have managed to play 370+ hours and I think it is time for a review.


Here is my video review of Football Manager 2017

With a game like football manager there really isn’t a specific story, as each time you start a new save with a new club then you are going to be making a whole new story, which players to buy, which tactic to use, what your aim for each season to be and wether or not to leave your current club to go to a new one. I thin that is why I love this game so much as you can play the game numerous amounts of times and still not get bored with it, you can be with one club for many years and still find your self loving the game just as much as when you started.

The game runs pretty slowly if you are wanting to have more then 8 league loaded in but that is understandable with the amount of data that the game has to go through to be able to advance to the next day such as what transfers have been made and what the result sof the games on that day where, I find myself just watch youtube videos or Netflix if I have a long time period between games.

The game itself looks pretty similar to FM16 but I don’t really mind this all that much as this means I know exactly where everything is meaning the switch to the new game is easy and doesn’t require much learning curve. Of course there are some differences such as how contracts works, with some players wanting promises made before they will sign with the club, the AI is smarter making the game seem harder or having you make better decisions then them which is not always as hard as it should be. You also have a social media page that tells you some information about other clubs you have either managed or are in your league and you get to see what tweets the fans are saying about your current run of form with the club which just makes the save seem even more realistic.

The only time there is any sound in this game is during the match but as I don’t really care for the sound of the whistle going off I just mute the sounds and like I said before watch Netflix and keep with some shows.

Overall this is  a game any football fan should buy as instead of shouting at the tv when your favourite team does something wrong you can live like the manager and have your own say on how the club works. Also this year Sports Interactive had a deal on were if you owned the previous games you got a certain percentage of the game, as I owned the last 4 I got 20% of which was great and shows that some companies actually appreciate their fans.


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