Superhot (PC) Review

This is a game I saw being played by Jacksepticeye and after seeing him play the first few levels of the game I knew that I had to play it for myself and see what else the game has got to offer. Now I have finished the game and it is time for a review.


The story in this game is a bit confusing, you are just on your computer when a friend of yours asks if you are playing superhot.exe, after talking for a little while you get given the file and start playing it yourself. After a while you find out that it is not in fact a game you are playing but is something to do in real life as one of the missions is to play as the character and hit yourself in the head to teach yourself a lesson about playing a game that isn’t yours. The rest of the story is just as confusing but contains a lot of spoilers so I won’t go on. The story is not really all that important in the game until the last 10 levels as that is when it really starts to happen. At the beginning you just go around and kill as many red characters that are coming at you.

The game has one feature that makes it, its own game. If you don’t move then time moves extremely slowly. This means it gives you time to plan what you are going to do next, where you going to go to avoid the bullet that is coming at you and how you are going to kill the guy who just shot at you. If it wasn’t for this feature then this game would be just like any other sci fi based fps but with it, it makes it a new part of the genre and a part that was really needed to make the genre a bit more exciting.

The game looks alright but I really hope you are into the colours white, grey, black and red as that is all you are going to see. It reminds me a lot of mirrors edge where all the main areas of the game and where you are meant to be going are red, and all the people you are meant to kill are red.

One part that I like about this game is that you actually have to exit the game to be able to continue, I haven’t seen this done since undertale so its nice to see something from that game being brought into others.

Overall I think this game is great and people should play it but they should really wait for it to go on sale like I did. It is not worth the £18 it cost especially as it is a 2 hour long game. I waited for the Christmas sale and got it for £7 which is a bit more the right price.


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