Game Corp DX (PC) Review

I got this game during the Christmas sale and I got it for 25p so I cant really complain about the price on this review. Anyway I have finished the game and it is now time for a review.


The story behind this game is that you have just opened your own gaming company where you try and make the best games in the world. You start of very small with only being able to employ 4 people to make games with but you first need to make really small games to earn money which will then allow you to make larger games which cost more money to make. The aim behind this game is to try and become the best company in the world which is hard to do with all the other companies competiting with you the whole way. You are able to move to bigger towns to higher better people to help you make better games.

The game itself is really just a cheap version of Game Dev Tycoon, and you can really see this in the way the game looks. It has a very basic design and took all of its ideas of Game Dev Tycoon. You take your employees and start them on a basic training course so that they are able to become better at their specific skill and from there you just keep training them until they become the best in their field which means they will become even better at making games as long as they are placed in the right group.

The sounds that are in this game are pretty generic as you can hear people walking around while in the building and you get an applause on the award ceremony but that is about it. I recommend catching up on your tv shows if you are going to play this game.

This game becomes very boring very quickly as you are basically just doing the same thing throughout the whole game. Make a game, get a rating, get the money from the game, make more games, hire people, move to a bigger place and repeat. After the first few rounds it just becomes really boring and if I didn’t want to write a review of the game then I wouldn’t have finished it.

Overall I don’t rate this game and don’t expect people to buy it as it really isn’t a very good game. The only thing that it has got going for it is that it only cost £2, so if you want to waste £2 why not add to your steam library.


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