Pokemon Emerald (GBA) Review

As Pokemon is one of my all time favourite gaming series I want to make sure I review every single one of them. Plus this gives me another chance to replay all the older games and find out just how good they actually are. Anyway it is time for a review.


The story behind this game is you are a 10 year old boy/girl who is about to set of on an adventure to try and fill the pokedex and take on the challenge of the gyms and elite 4. On your journey you start to come across two evil groups, one called team magma and one called team aqua and it becomes up to you to stop the two groups from destroying the world by having them create more land (magma) or having the whole world be covered in water (aqua).

Like in all pokemon games the story behind it is very boring and predictable from the start as you just know what is going to happen at the end. For all pokemon games this is what makes it become less enjoyable the more times you play them as the story is the exact same no matter how you play and it just becomes repeative after a while.

The graphics in the game are bright and colourful and do attract your attention straight away from playing. But if you are new to gaming and coming back to the older style of pokemon games I can see why they might be a bit of a let down especially with all the HD styles that are being released on the new platforms.

The music is pretty good and is probably one of the best parts of the games, the numerous times you change routes and each route bringing a new bit of music means you won’t be getting bored anytime soon. Plus you get new music whenever you go into a new gym, the pokemon centre and mart and when you get into battles with trainers and important battles like gym leaders or elite 4.

The games take about 35 hours to complete, by complete I mean getting all the gym badges, beating the elite 4 and finishing the main part of the story. Of course you are able to keep on playing and getting all the pokemon is an additional feature as you know gotta catch them all.

For me this game is pretty boring if you have played it before as you know which pokemon to catch to have a good team, where to go to complete the story and what each gym trainer is going to have to make the overall battle easy. But if you have never played this game before then youll love it for all the opposite reasons for why youll hate if you have.



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