Lumber Jacked (Android) App Review

I am not a fan of mobile gaming as a lot of the games seem to be pay to win which is something I just hate. So when I find a game that is like a normal platform game then ill make sure to play that thing till I finish it. This is exactly what I have done with Lumber Jacked and it is time for a review.


They don’t really go into the story all that much with the game but it is pretty easy to tell what it is from playing. You are a lumber jack and it is up to you to stop all the beavers from attacking the people and eating all the trees. This means you go through some challenging platforming challenegs and punch as many beavers as possible till you kill the king beaver.

As this is a mobile game I am not surprised they don’t go into much detail about the story as they would want to focus more on the gameplay.

The game plays terribly, the number of times the game crashed on me is just stupid, I have a Samsung galaxy s6 edge which is more than capable of running this game but it would be every 10 minutes the game would crash and have to restart. Even then when the game was running the game would glitch all the time causing me to die, it would run slow and start skipping frames. It did this for a whole level but as soon as I went to a new level it went back to being normal.

The on screen buttons where one of the only good things about this game, they seemed sensitive and worked to perfection which was a strange thing to find out as I was expected them to be terrible as well.


The game has got a great style of retro graphics, this is one of the reasons why I actually downloaded this game and to be able to see more of the game such as the enemies and the platformers it was just great to see a game that looks alot like shovel knight on the mobile platform.

The number of ads I saw in this game is unbelievable, when I start the game and before I get to the main menu ad, after I select a level ad, before I can continue to a new level ad. It was just stupid, but to make matters even worse it was the same ad 90% of the time and 50% the game would crash on the ad causing me to have to reload the game and have yet another ad. They must of made a fortune from me alone.

When the game actually worked I was enjoying myself. It was hard giving me the perfect challenge I would expect from a mobile game and was perfect if I wanted to waste a 10 minutes on a journey where I wanted to take a break from reading, it was just a shame about everything else.

The game will take you about 2 hours to complete so nothing to long and you are able to slip right back in if you have some free time.

Overall I give this game about 3 out 5, if they could fix some of the programming problems and reduce the amount of ads they have then it could go up to 4 maybe 4.5 as I really enjoyed my time with the app.


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