Youtubers Life (PC) review

I saw a number of youtubers play this game and after seeing the basics for myself  I wanted to have a go myself. After waiting for the Christmas sale to happen I managed to get this game and now it is time for a review.


The story in this game is very simple, you are starting out on YouTube and your aim is to become the biggest and best youtuber to ever exist. The story itself is told in the past tense and the you from the future is the one telling you what you did in each house or what you did when you reached a new milestone. This is one part of the game I actually found interesting as you don’t find many games that tell the story in past tense but with the future person telling you how it all happened.

The best way to describe this game to someone who has never played it before is imagine sims had an expansion pack where you can become a youtuber. If you can imagine that then you have just pictured this game perfectly. I have never been a big fan of the sims games as I just don’t see the point of playing them again and again, but saying that I play football manager a lot so I cant really talk.

The game itself looks really good, it has a really animated look about it but when you are able to get into a new house or buy a new part for your computer you just want to see everything. The additional bonus of being able to customise your character anyway you want is a nice feature.

With the money you earn from youtube you are able to buy yourself food, water and a house. However when you become bigger and bigger you start to hire people to help you out with your work, this just makes your youtube channel even bigger, but with the people you hire you have to pay them which means you have to pump out even more videos which causes the game near the end to be just constantly making videos instead of being able to upgrade your character with better skills by doing 3 day courses as you need the money from the videos you would of made to be able to hire better characters.

The music is so annoying, I lasted about 5 minutes before I just turned the sound of completely and looked for a new playlist on Spotify to listen to. Why is it so hard for a game company to spend a bit more time to find either copyright free music or have someone make it for them, it just makes the game better.

I got bored of the game after 2 hours of playing as it was just the same thing again and again but I made myself play so I was able to make this review the best it could possibly be and I didn’t want to miss anything important that happened, as you can probably tell from the review nothing important happened and I personally feel like I wasted 7 hours of my life playing this game.



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