Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons (PC) Review

This is a game I have been wanting to play for some time now, its probably been about 2 years now since I saw the caddicarus video on this game and wanted to try it for myself ever since then. I have finally finished the game which means it is time for a review.


The story in this game is that you play as two brothers who have lost their mother and their father is ill, this mean it is up to the two brothers to go and find the medicine that will make their father well again. During the journey the two brothers will have to go through multiple puzzles to be able to progress and get to their final goal of getting the medicine.

The story itself is pretty sad and doesn’t take long before you are drawn in and just want to keep on playing to find out what is going to happen with the two brothers and the father. However it is not the story that is the main talking point of this game, it is in fact the controls.

You control the two brothers at the same time using either the two analogue sticks or the WASD and arrow keys. It is really weird to get used to and if the two brothers move to other sides of the screen then I couldn’t help but get totally confused with who I was controlling with which stick, this happened throughout the whole game and I was just getting more and more annoyed with it as the game went on.

The game itself both looks amazing and below par at the same time, the environment is what makes the game look amazing, I love the animated look of the game this means everything from the houses to the sheep I loved looking at and kept looking at to see if I was able to see everything I should. However, it is when you take a closer look at the brothers and see just how low poly they are, compared with how the rest of the world looks the brothers are just below par and I was expecting better. Of course when you are zoomed out and playing normally this is fine but as soon as the cut scenes come and you get close ups you find out just how bad they are.

This is the sort of game I wished that the company would have spent a bit more money and had some voice acting included, I think it would have just made the game so much better than just have the brothers just say each other’s name most of the time. The game itself is 3 hours long but add in some voice acting into the cut scenes and drag it out a little bit to make the game 4 hours with a bit more detail into the story and this game would be amazing.

Overall I did love this game but alot of my love for the game comes from the new approach to the controls and the story. It wont be making any of my top tens any time soon thanks to the lack of voice acting and the way the brothers look. The game costs £11 ($14) but if you wait for a sale it drops to below £5 ($6) and that is when you should pick this game up as it because the perfect price for it.


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