Infamous Second Son (PS4) Review

I recently got a PS4, the main reason I got one is because I wanted to play a lot of the PlayStation exclusives. The first game I saw that made me want to have a PS4 is Infamous Second Son so of course when I got my PS4 this is the first game I bought is Infamous Second Son and I have now finished it and it is time for a review.


We play as Delsin who was getting chased by his police brother Reggie for vandalising a billboard, after getting caught he then see a van about to crash. After the crash he goes to help one of the people inside, little does he know that the person he is about to help is a conduit, after helping the conduit he manages to absorb some of the powers he has. It is after a chase with the Hank (the crashed conduit) that he comes across Augustine. Augustine is the person in charge of trying to get all the conduits arrested and kept in a secret prison. However little do people know Augustine is a conduit herself, she shows this by torturing the people who Delsin considers to be family. This makes Delsin what revenge and actually do something with his life by going after Augustine and getting her powers to save his family.

The story is amazing, from the second I started to the second I finished I wanted nothing more but to find out as much as I possibly can about this game. Everything from Delsin past to finding out what he could with all the new powers he is able to obtain. The story made you feel just about every feeling possible from happiness to scared to sadness and everything in between. If nothing else about this game seems to intrests you then you must by this game for the story.

The graphic part of this game are great, nothing amazing but still great. You notice this a lot when you’re playing through the game using the neon and video powers, they are really bright and colourful and look cool as hell but I felt like the PS4 could have been pushed even more for the game to look even better.

Something I did notice is that when a lot of enemies where around and you were using the brighter powers then the game would lag a bit as well as the PS4 fans would start to get really loud which would ruin the gaming experience.

I liked the way that this game would involve the use of the touchpad as well as the gyroscope in the PS4 controller. Being able to use the controller as a spray-paint can was a cool feature and actually encouraged me to go and find all possible opportunities to go and spray-paint some walls. At the start of the game using the touch pad felt weird to use but after a few hours using the touchpad while running to open some cage doors or destroy a gun turret just felt right.

This game is amazing and if you have a PS4 then I suggest you by this game as it is simply amazing and worth the £15 I paid for the game.


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