Shovel Knight (PS4) Review

This is a game I have played multiple times on multiple platforms, but for some reason I have yet to review it. Well that is until now, after recently getting my new PS4 I thought why not get Shovel Knight and finally review this game, anyway onto the review.


The story behind this game is a pretty simple one, it is up to you (Shovel Knight) to work through multiple enemies and stages to get to the final boss (Knight) in the level to be able to progress onto the next level. You are going to do this multiple times until you come to the tower of fate, it is in the tower of fate where you will face the final boss and be able to get your best friend and partner back from the evil clutches known as the Enchantress, when you are able to beat the Enchantress you get your best friend back and all is good with the world.

The story itself is pretty standard in a platforming game and seems to take a lot of inspiration from Super Mario with facing all the mini bosses till you get to the big bad final boss. But it is all the little bit of details in the story which makes this better than any other Mario title that there has ever been. When you come to each boss you find out a little bit more about them and why exactly they have joined leagues with the Enchantress, you don’t really get that sort of information from Mario and it is a nice change of pace to have it.

The game looks amazing; I don’t think I am being biases when I say that the art style in this game is simply beautiful. I have got a soft spot for pixel art, I think this is because a lot of games nowadays all just want to make games that have got the most realistic graphics and I think it is nice to go back to a game where they just make it pixel art and make you remember what a game used to be.

Gameplay is fantastic in this game, everything controls perfectly and it makes you feel like if you die then it is your fault for not doing the correct jump or moving out of the way of the attack quicker. The only part I can say I hated was the magic and the way it had to be used, by this I mean on the PlayStation controller for you to be able to use magic then you had to press up on the analog stick and square which is simple enough expect for the fact that you would sometimes do this while just moving around the map or when you do what to do it you wouldn’t press up in time especially if you are fighting an enemy at the time. I don’t know why they could have just made the magic button triangle as that button wasn’t mapped to anything and is very simple to press, but other than that I can’t find anything wrong with the game.

Dear god the soundtrack is just wow, no other words could describe it, it is almost on the same level as bastion, not quite there but almost. Even though I have played this game multiple times I still listening to the soundtrack the whole time as I just loved every second of it.

If you people still have not finished this game yet, then go out and buy it on whatever console you have got as it is basically on them all. It is a fantastic game and I think everyone will love it almost as much as I did.


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