The Ranch Season 1 Part 2 Review

After the first part of the Ranch finished I just wanted the second part to come out straight away as I started to get a little bit addicted to the story and I just wanted to find out what was going to happen with beau and his wife, as well as the ranch with colt and rooster, but America being America they like having a few months breaks in-between their series so I had to wait. Anyway, part 2 of season 1 has been watched and it is time for a review.

The story finished with Maggie leaving without telling anyone why she left and this is just after her and beau were thinking of getting back together. This is one part of the story I was starting to enjoy and seeing it develop in the second part of the season was great, Maggie does come back in the second part but it is not till later into the series when beau might start having another romantic partner. Colt finds out the Abby wants to be with him over Kenny at the end of part 1, so we get to see how the relationship starts and develops. Rooster continues his relationship with Mary but we also find out if he is going to keep working on the farm or will he accept a job elsewhere when offered.

For me I found the story in the second part of the season to be a lot better than the first half, however I do think this is all because of how invested I was into the series at this point and would just love anything new being added to the story. Finding out more about the developing relationship between Abby and Colt was great as we got to see them move from just being exs to friends to being back together and seeing that journey on screen was great.

One thing I don’t like about this series is how much they play the laughing track; it is okay every now and then but with the overuse it that they use just gets annoying. What makes it worse is when a more serious scene comes on they will play the laughing track for just a little sarcastic comment which just isn’t needed and should just leave the comment for the watchers to laugh instead of making them think it is funny when it is not.

They use all the same settings as part one so they are familiar to the watcher, I am sure there are only two new scenes introduced into the part 2 and they are abbys house and a new ranch. Both are great to see as they give a new bit of life into the series. When you get to see the new settings then you just want to take everything in and make sure you don’t miss anything.

The acting is great as well but Ashton Kutcher is without a doubt the best acting in this series. He goes from being sarcastic to being serious in a matter of seconds, but of course the rest of the cast are great as well and make the difference between being an okay series to a good one.

I know that some people won’t like the idea of this series, as at first I didn’t like the idea of it and if I could find anything else to watch I probably wouldn’t have even started but I recommend that people at least try and get to the 5th episode of part 1 and see if they want to keep going or not as that is the episode when I made my mind up about the series.



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