American Horror Story Season 1 Review

I have been told time and time again that I should be watching this series and after finishing the ranch I thought it was time for me to finally sit down and see what I make of this series.


The story behind this season is that a new family have moved into what they think is a very cheap house especially when compared to the rest of the houses in the neighbourhood. The only problem with the house is that the last residents of the house died, the new family think this is why the house was so cheap. Little do they know that every person who dies inside the house grounds stays at the house forever as a ghost.

The story behind this series is cool and is not something I have personally seen before; it wasn’t long into the series that I just wanted to sit down for a few hours and just finish the season all in one go. The only reason I didn’t do exactly that is because of commitments elsewhere like uni and rugby.

I personally didn’t find this season to be scary much, of course you had one or two jumps scares but compared to other horror movies I have seen this didn’t compare. There are fast parts that have a lot of running around and will try to scare people and I can understand why people would be scared of it but I personally wasn’t affected and for a show called American Horror Story I was expecting better, but who knows maybe the other seasons are better.

The acting in the series is great, my personal favourite is Tate (Evan Peters) he does the psycho part very well and made the rest of the show that much better. Of course, the other main actors Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott and Taisaa Farmiga were all amazing in this and helped make the story of the show seem all that more realistic.

Throughout the season you will get to know just about everything about the house as that is basically all you will be seeing, but seeing how the name of the season is the murder house I am not all the surprised. But I wouldn’t worry about getting bored about seeing the same thing again and again as even episode 9 into the series you find out new things about the house and get to see even more which will make you want to keep watching.

Personally, for me I got addicted to the story and was really intrigued with everything in the story and how the dead were going to make the lives of the living a misery. I do recommend this series to people as it has a great story as well as great acting in a great setting so basically nothing to go wrong with expect for the fact that it isn’t all that scary.



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