Blue Mountain State Season 1 Review

I was recommended this show by a friend recently and after finishing the first season of American Horror Story I fancied something a bit more fun. So I watched this season in 2 days and it is time for a review.


We follow the life of the college football team BMS who are trying to become back to back national champions, but also while doing this they are wanting to have the best possible college experience which means as much alcohol and sex they can possibly get. It is trying to become the best American football college team and drinking that they get up to a lot of weird adventures. For example marathon Monday, trying to get a C by blackmailing a professor, helping a girl with no arms get arms and a lot more.

The best way to describe this show to someone is imagine American Pie as a tv show but without the boobs and you have a pretty great idea of what this show is going to be about.

The four main characters of the show are all part of the football team with three being players and one being the mascot. Alex and Sammy have been best friends since kindergarten and have been to the same schools their whole life, Alex is an amazing quarterback but for the college team he wants to be the second string QB because it means no pressure and can drink as much as he wants. While Alex has always been the player Sammy has always been the mascot. It is Alex and Sammy that we follow a lot in the story finding out a lot about their lives and just what they are doing in College. Alex never really has any trouble picking up girls, in fact they all go after him, while Sammy has to try his hardest to be able to get anywhere with them. It is watching this friendship in the show that makes it so funny, just seeing all the questionable stuff they have to do.

Thad is the captain of the team and will do anything to get the team to win, and by anything he literally means anything. It is seeing him do all the stuff for the team that makes you question yourself while watching this show and wonder why you are actually watching it but then Netflix asks if you want to start the next episode and you just have to keep watching.

Craig is the final main character and he came to college with a long term girlfriend but after a few episode he see that she has been cheating on him, and while he is still a virgin at the time he goes on a bit of a rampage trying to sleep with as many girls as possible after the break up. Craig is the more sensible character of the four and it is great to see him question some of the stuff that they get up to.

Overall for me I found this show to be hilarious and enjoyed just about every minute while watching it. I am a fan of the American Pie movies and because of how similar this show is to the movies it is almost inevitable to not like them both, I recommend you watch if you like adult humour with a little bit of a story line.


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