Disc Jam (PS4) Review

This is one of the free games that you can get for free with PSN this month, and I have seen a few youtubers play this game and I liked what I saw so getting the chance to play it for myself was great. Anyway, player a couple of hours of the game and it is time for a review.

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There is no story in this game as it is a completely multiplayer game, you can play offline for local multiplayer or to play the training but other than that you will be competing with other people around the world.

The way this game plays reminds me a lot of air hockey, your aim to is get the disk to the end of the opponent’s half and get the points. The number of points you get for a win is dependent on the number of rally’s you and the opponent has, this means if you lose a big rally game you are going to be behind by several points. I won a rally worth 34 points and I won the match with the next win as I got 18 with the next rally. You can use a number of different buttons of a different type of throw such a drop throw or a curve throw and you are best to mix them around so your opponent won’t know what is coming next. To get to the disc that are on the other side of the court to you then you will need to slide across at the right time to make sure that the disc doesn’t hit the floor or the back of the court. For me I found the gameplay to be amazing as you had to learn the number of different ways an opponent would be able to get the points of the rally and try to learn the way they play so you could use it against them to be able to win the rally yourself

The music is good as well, it is upbeat and catchy making you want to keep playing the game as the music is going to help you play better. It felt like they kept using the same song again and again and I know that after a while I am going to get sick of it very quickly.

You get to play as 4 different characters and each one is different in slightly different ways, for example Stanton who is a big muscly guy is the slowest runner and can’t curl the disc as well but has the strongest throw and the best slide to make up for his slow running while Makenna is a fast runner and get curve the disc very well but has a terrible slide and a slow throw. This means that people are going to get a chance to be able to learn their favourite character and figure out how to use them best.

I hate multiplayer games as I don’t see the point of trying to prove you are better than someone and I much prefer a story based game but even I have to admit I enjoyed playing this game and after a few hours playing online I got a lot better using Stanton and managed to get a 10-match win streak going which is why I stopped playing and now writing this review. If you can get it for free, then get it as it is a good game you’ll get hours of fun out of it but if you have to pay the retail price of £11 I don’t think I can recommend it as it is a game that gets boring quick but that is just my opinion.


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