Blue Mountain State Season 2 Review

So I decided to take a day off (one of many) and just relax, turns out I just watched Netflix and finished season 2 of Blue Mountain State (which I started on the same day) and now it is time for a review.


We finished the last season with the team about to start playing in a cup with alex being the starting quarter back due to the first team QB having food poisioning. In the first episode of season 2 we find out that the team lost in the cup and Alex played terribly but with a Craig leaving to go to a different college team everyone thought the team were going to play even worse but with a new QB being brought in the team play better then ever and go potentially go on an unbeaten run. But while all this is happening we find that Sammy has made his sister come to BMS and his sister (Mary Jo) has had a crush on Alex her whole life and will do anything to sleep with him but Alex wont because he doesn’t want to hurt Sammy, this means the story is getting a bit deeper and we might get to see a relationship start. Thad has to make the decision if he is wanting to stay at BMS one more season and finish his college education and stay with his ‘brothers’ or go pro and earn a lot of money.

Compared to last season this season has got a whole bunch more story for people to enjoy and I found myself actually getting interested in everything including how the team were playing as well as hoping that Alex and Mary Jo would get together. We get a whole episode dedicated to Thad and his decision and it is probably the best episode in the season, I wont spoil anything other than holy shit drugs do some mad shit.

The comedy is amazing and is probably slightly better than last season, I think this is because I knew what I was to expect and found myself laughing at random shit that I am surprised they left into the show. If this is the way all American football college teams play I might look for a transfer to an American uni.

I love Randon, this is the guy that they brought in to replace Craig as one of the main characters. I find Randon to be big headed but dear god you find it hard not to love him. I found myself being kind of happy that Craig didn’t appear in this season as instead of having a serious character who I didn’t start to like until the final few epsiodes where he finally started being like everyone else but we got Randon who made the show all that much more funny.

Season 2 is better then Season 1 and I am looking forward to being able to watch the third and final season of the show. I have also heard good things about the movie so expect a review of that some time soon.


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