Little Big Planet 3 (PS4) Review

This is a game I had no intention of playing ever but if you are able to get a game for free then you might as well play it. That is exactly what I did with last month’s PSN games, this was for free and even though I never really liked the look of the game I had to play the game and get a review out.


The story behind this game is that after you unknowingly help a man to release three titans it has become up to you to defeat them and the man that tricked you. But you can’t do this on your own, this means you are going to have to get some help, they do this by introducing three characters, oddsock, toggle and swoop. It is up to the four of you to help save the world.

The story is not very good and after a while I got bored of hearing the characters who you are trying to help explain why they need help. The mixture of the story and their annoying voices just made me skip every cutscene. But I was able to understand perfectly what I was meant to be doing throughout the game as this game just feeds you information as if you are four years old the whole time.

The game itself looks pretty good and I was actually quiet impressed with how Sackboy and the rest of the gang looked especially while playing the game. The overall level design as well is pretty nice to look at as well even if after a while of playing a level it seems like they have just copied and pasted a lot of the same elements. My favourite thing about this game other than Oddsock is the map navaiagtion fo the world, it reminded me a lot of Mario Galaxy and it was nice to see something similar be brought into the game.

The music at first is nice and relaxing, and when you first enter a level then you want to hear the music so you can hear what is new but after a while of playing in the hub world and releasing it is basically the same song on repeat throughout it just gets annoying very quickly.

This game is far too easy, if you die on a scrolling level then it wont send you back to the beginning, no it will send you to the next checkpoint in the level which means you can die multiple times on a specific part of the level but still advance. While playing as swoop i think the programmes just got lazy as while playing one level I feel through the floor and pipes 4 times, 4 times in one level and they were different parts of the level I just got so annoyed at the game I had to check to see how far I had left to go before I finished and luckily for me I had one more level and a boss fight and I was done.

Now the boss fights, they are the worst excuse of boss fights I have ever seen. The only reason you could count them as boss fights is because they are the only enemy where you don’t have to hit them once on the head. The whole game is aimed at these titans but if I can beat them in 3 hits then what is even the point.

If you can get this game for free then get it, no reason why not but if you have to pay £15 then don’t buy it as it is not worth the 5 hours of terrible story mode.



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