Blue Mountain State Season 3 Review

I managed to finish the third and final season of BMS and it is now time for a review before I move onto the movie before we leave the BMS boys behind.


We find out this season that Randon shoulder is so badly hurt that he won’t be playing football again which means it is time for Alex to step up and become the starting quarter back, also with Thad being out for a game because of a suspension means Alex has went from being a back up to the captain and starting quarter back, which seeing how his plan was to red shirt this season is a bit different from his original plan. We then follow the boys as their way up the league and then go onto the cup final but because Thad like to brag about his life to anyone a lot of the boys are unable to play in the final causing them to lose. This leaves a bad taste in the boy’s mouth and organise a friendly with the winning team to see who would win.

The two additional main characters from last season Mary Jo and Randon didn’t make any appearances this season which was a bit sad seeing how they were probably the funniest characters last season. Of course, this new season was hilarious and is just as good as the other two but they didn’t replace the two main characters and it showed with how much more we saw of Thad and Alex compared to the two other seasons.

I can’t fault the acting in this season at all it was great, we got to see the way Alex matured enough to go from a bench player to a starting player and how he could cope with the extra demand that was expected from him to be the player that wins the team games.

I will say that out of the three seasons this one is the least funny but I think that was because they didn’t bring in anyone to replace the actors who had left but they still got up to a lot of random stuff that a lot of people might regret in the morning but the boys love this idea and so do the people who are watching the show.

I wish there was a final season so we could find out what happens with the whole team after their final year at college, but we did get a movie so hopefully that answers all our questions. I recommended that everyone watches this series one in their life as I can promise you that you won’t forget it.


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