Kick Ass 3 (Graphic Novel) Review

This is the final Graphic Novel in this series and as I was still hyped from the ending of the second book I just went straight into the novel straight after writing my review. The novel has been finished and it is time for a review.


Out of the three novels in the series Kick Ass this story is by far my favourite, just so much happened in this that you didn’t want to stop reading just in case you forgot something and it would ruin the experience of reading the novel. There really was an emotional rollercoaster happening throughout the story going from Kick Ass getting a girlfriend to a lot of his friends being killed because of a different group messing up a gang’s plan. Everything in this story is great and is a good way to end the series off.

I don’t think this story is as dark as the other two and I think this is more because they wanted to make a great ending to the story, and doing so made the reader want to keep reading. I loved finding out what happened to Hit Girl when she got arrested in the last comic and what exactly was she going to do in order to escape, I can’t fault the story in a single way.

The art style is just as good as the other two in the series, with the same amount of details been put into each drawing block making you want to pay attention to both the story and how the art has made the story even better. After you read about someone being killed you then check to the art and find out how the artist described the same story but without the words.

Personally, for me, someone who has never read graphic novels before, this is amazing work and is an amazing series and I recommended that anyone goes out and buys the series in full. This finale is a good way to end the series and there weren’t any cliff-hangers as everything was explained out in the end which was great.


Graphic Novel


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