Saga Volume 1 (Graphic Novel) Review

After reading the three Kick Ass graphic novels I started getting a bit of a taste of them and wanted to start a new series, after doing a little bit of research online I found that this series is very recommened so I thought why not give it ago. Anyway it is time for a review.


The best way I am able to describe this story is by image Romeo and Juliet based story but instead of two rival familes hating each other it is two rival planets with two different races hating each other but then add a little bit more weirdness and creepiness and then you’ve got the story of Saga. One section of is being told from the child of the two people who are from different familes point of view from the future. But then we find out exactly why these two people are on the run from TV aliens and a cat that can tell if someone is lying.

For me the story is really cool and I loved every second of it, I did find quite a lot of what happened in the novel to be very weird and I didn’t really know what to make of a lot of what happened but I kept reading and I am really glad I did as I seemed to of stumbled onto one of my favourite stories I have read this year. Finding out why the TV alien race want the parents dead is really intresting and you just want to keep on reading to see if they get their way. You also find out how the two parents met even though they are meant to be killing each other, it is just really cool and I just want to start volume two straight away.

The art is quite different from Kick Ass but to be totally honest I think I prefer the art in Saga, this is because they try to make the pictures try and tell more of a story as you will quiet often get about two pages where there are now words and they just use the art but it doesn’t matter as the art is that good you can follow along with the story no problem at all.

Do I recommend people read this, hell yes I do but only if you aren’t offended easily as some matters in this novel might turn people away from it but I personally wasn’t offended so I could happly read on, I did get a bit scared at one section but without spoiling anything the guy did the right thing and is hopefully going to get the person to safety. So if you want to start with a graphic novel I say start here for an amazing story and some great art.



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