Saga Volume 2 (Graphic Novel) Review

After finishing the first volume in this series I had to go straight into the second volume as I was just enjoying the story that much, anyway I have finished the second volume and it is time for a review.


The story carries on from volume 1 where we find out how the family are doing on the wooden rocket ship and if they are going to make it to their chosen destination but of course it is not just plain sailing for them. They are still being looked for so they are trying to avoid them at all cost, but they are now not only being looked for by the freelancers but also by Marko ex fiancé who wants to get revenge. We also get to see how the little family manage to cope with the new baby sitter being added, personally I really like Izabel as I think she brings a bit of comedy to the series which is always nice to have.

The overall story is just as great as the first, plus with the added fact that you are already have gotten to know all the of the main characters pretty well you just want to find out as much as you possibly can about them. Therefore, I think it was great when we found out that Marko had an ex that he didn’t tell Alana about as it was a surprise as much to the reader as it was to his wife. I know I am new to the graphic novel scene but this story is amazing and I don’t see much being able to beat it. I also like the fact that even though The Will is a freelancer who has been hired to kill Marko and his family that he still puts that aside just so he can make sure a little girl is going to be safe.

The art is just as good as the first book, to prove this they have made a part of the story still have the speech bubbles for you to read but in a language that you won’t be able to understand so you will literally have to rely on the art to be able to understand what is happening, I love the fact that the scene they used to do this is where Marko is being shown how to ride a cricket (A.K.A. a bike) and it just shows the love Marko has got for his dad and the art is that good you don’t need the words to be able to understand this.

I can’t recommend the second volume enough especially if you have already read the first volume as it just seems to get better and better with each passing volume, here is to the next one being just as good.


Graphic Novel


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