Game of Thrones Season 1 Review

After being told by just about every single person who has watched game of thrones and been told that I haven’t start watching it, I thought it would be time to start. Lucky for me my house mate has the box set of the show so after watching the first season it is time for a review.


The story is the best part of this show; this is because it is so story heavy meaning it requires you to pay attention to the whole thing and try and figure everything out. There are two main families in this show, the first being the Starks who are the rulers of the North and the other being the Lannisters who control the whole country including the North. The King of the South comes to the North to ask his best friend Eddard Stark to come to the South and being the Kings Hand (the right-hand man) after his last one died out of the blue. Because it was the King who asked, he of course says yes. He makes the journey south with his two daughters to show them the way of the South, also he takes Sansa who is to be engaged to marry Roberts (The king) son Joffery so it is the perfect opportunity for them to get to know each other. Of course, with so many people wanting to be the King of the country it means that everyone must watch their backs every day and be careful who they trust. While this is happening, there is a third family that are another major part of the show and they are called Targaryen, this family have been on the throne before but lost it after a war and it was Robert who became the victor and the new king. There are two family members of the Targaryen’s left and the oldest one, Viserys, wants to get his family’s name back on the throne and the only way of doing this is getting an army strong enough to take down the Lannisters and Robert off their throne. That is all I’m going to say on the story just in case you haven’t watch the series yet, I don’t want to spoilt it for you.

The story is amazing and it will keep you hooked throughout the entire season, with every twist and turn that is involved and even when it is just normal talking you listen to every word, just in case you miss something that is relevant to the story. When you finish an episode, you must take some time out to make sure you remember everything that happened in the story and trying to make sure you understand what happened and try to connect everything so the story makes sense.

The show itself looks amazing, it is basically impossible to fault the way it looks. All the scene are amazing and make sense with the time period that the show is set in. If you haven’t seen the show, then imagine the medieval period where all fights are done using swords and people ride around on horses and you get the right sort of idea of what this series is going to be based around.

When you start to watch the show, just like every other show you get attached to certain characters very quickly. My personal favourites are Tyrion Lannister and Eddard Stark, I like the way Eddard cares about nothing else other than making sure the kingdom is being run correctly and his family. With Tyrion the reason why I love him is mainly because of his mannerisms, the way he seems to act like he doesnt care about everything plus with the added benefit of him being sarcastic just adds to how amazing the character is.

Do I recommend that you watch this show? Of course I fucking do, if you are one of the few people that haven’t seen it yet (like I was 4 days ago) then stop what you are doing spend the next 10 hours watch this show, you don’t need sleep just make sure you order a dominos and you’ll be sorted, trust me you won’t regret it.


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