Passengers (2016) Review

This is a film I have liked the look of since I first saw the trailer last year and wanted to see it as soon as it came out but because of work and uni I wasn’t able to go and see it. I managed to find the time to watch it now and now it is time for a review.


The story is a group of people are making the decision to leave earth early and be the first people to go to a new planet that is able to house life. The new planet is 120 years away which requires the people who want to be part of the new planets to be placed under hibernation. The movie starts with a hibernation pod malfunctioning causing a passenger to be awoke early, 90 years early. We follow the life of Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) as he gets used to the life of being the only person on the ship for the rest of his life. After a year of his life being on his own he can’t take it anymore and wakes up another passenger, here name is Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) and after getting used to the fact that she is going to die on the ship she and Jim start to form a friendship and eventually more.

I am going to leave the story there as I don’t want to spoil anything else for you in case you haven’t watched the movie yet.

The story is great, as soon as the movie starts and you get to grip with what is happening with the story then you are going to be sucked in. When this happens you just want to keep watching so you are able to find out what happens to Jim and Aurora and if they are going to make it to the planet in which they are heading for.

I love the way this movie looks, it has the realistic future that a lot of people expect to happen, this makes you just keep watching as you want to be able to see everything that the ship has got to offer and what the future might look like. I also hope you like the colour white as you are going to be seeing it often as basically everything is white, and everything that isn’t white is blue and grey. Even though the lack of colour the movie still looks amazing.

The acting itself is fantastic and can’t be faulted, you can see the development in the pairs friendship grows through how they act around each other. When something sad happens then the acting makes you feel bad and a few times it had me close to tears as the acting was that good it was almost felt like real life.

The movie is great and I suggest that you watch it if you haven’t watched it already and if you have then why not watch it again. I find it hard to fault anything with this movie which is a rare as I actually like saying if a movie is bad or not, so why not give it a go.


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