Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (PS4) Review

This is the first Call of Duty I have played the story of since Modern Warfare 2 so I was kind of excited to be able to get into the game. I don’t play the multiplayer of games so this review is strictly about the single player campaign. Anyway, it is time for a review.



The story is pretty good and is more than I expected from a Call of Duty game. You play as Jack Mitchel, you lose your arm in one of the first missions you play in the game and lose your best friend, this is when you are introduced to your best friend’s dad and future employer Jonathon Irons. As his son, Will Irons was your best friend and was told a lot of amazing stuff about you Irons offers you the chance to work for him and be able to get a new arm. Of course, being offered this chance you start working for Atlas, a private company that is basically a private army with better tech. Countries hire Atlas do some all sorts of jobs for them but the main one for the story is stopping the KVA and killing their leader Hades. It is not long after killing Hades that you find out the true reason why Irons has created Atlas and it is basically to destroy the USA as he thinks they are the reason the world has been in a constant start of war for the last 100 years. When you find this out thanks to Ilona, you Gideon and Ilona work with sential who is being run by your old boss to put a stop to Irons plan and save USA

For me I was expecting something terrible due to all the negativity I have heard about this game, mainly coming from my brother but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I got into the story. I didn’t notice any of the plot twists as I thought that Irons was a nice guy trying to help you out but instead used you. It is because of this I was expecting Gideon who essentially becomes your new best friend throughout the story to betray you as well but he turns out to be a good guy as well.

The gameplay was pretty good; I didn’t notice anything bad about the way the game played. With it being one of the two main FPS games out there right now I expected the best FPS experience gameplay wise and I got it so I was pretty happy about it. The only thing I can complain about is the AI, and the way that they don’t get the fuck out of the way. They barely kill anyone in the game which is expected as you are the main guy and you are expected to do everything, this makes you more of a badass but dear god if I am trying to get through a door and someone else is there then why the fuck do I get pushed back and have to wait for them to move.

I played the game on normal difficulty and I found the game to be the perfect amount of challenging, I died 6 times during the campaign and if I was to reply the game again then I would go for a slightly harder difficulty but seeing how this is the first full call of duty game I have played in a while I stayed on the normal difficulty. This made you get better over the course of the game as you got used to the controls starting to remember what all the different types of grenades and exo abilities you had to use, by the end of the game you will be a better player than when you started.

Do I recommend this game? For £15 then yeah I do, it has a great story mode and from the two games of multiplayer I played still has a pretty active multiplayer so it will be worth your money. I am personally not the biggest fan of FPS but I seemed to like it so maybe you will as well.


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