Divergent (2014) Review

After reading the book Divergent I really wanted to see the movie, and now that the movie is on UK Netflix I thought it would be time to finally watch the movie, only 8 months after finishing the book. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The story of the movie is the same as the book, were a group of people live in one city but the group is spilt in 5 factions. These factions each represent a specific attribute in a person personality which faction they are in means that it is that attribute that is most dominate, for example with Dauntless their main attribute is bravery. Tris is part of the Abnegation (Selfless) due to being born part of that faction however when it is time for her to choose her own faction she chooses Dauntless while her brother joins Erudite (Intelligent). After following her life and she becomes used to being part of a new faction and making herself improve to make sure she gets accepted. However, she starts to notice things are going bad for her. People are noticing she isn’t like everyone else; this is because she is a Divergent. Divergent find out that they will never fit into just one faction because they don’t have an outstanding attribute like everyone else. While this is happening the leader of Erudite are trying to make the Abnegation step down from running the city as they don’t think they are the best people for the job. The way they do this is by making the Dauntless go under a simulation where the Erudite make them do whatever they want to. This means that the Dauntless are going to kill the Abnegation leaders because the Erudite want them to and they are not able to stop them. However, the simulation doesn’t work on the Divergent and because Tris is Divergent she is then able to form a plan to try and stop the Erudite.

For the movie, it does very well of being similar to the book, they have followed the story perfectly with the movie starting off slow but it picks up pace after that. It is near the end where you start getting into the movie and won’t want to take your eyes away as you want to see every fight scene that happened including the story’s progression.

The fight scenes are my favourite part; this is because it is probably where we get to see the progression that Tris has been since becoming a member of the Dauntless. We see her barely being able to lift her fists into the correct position to being trained to even take on one person who has been fighting for many years. We also get to see how good she has gotten with a gun where she is barely even able to hit close to the target to being able to get decent shots. To be honest, there is about a 5-minute part of the movie where I am sure I was watching something out of Rocky, where he is preparing for a fight, and I loved every second of it.

The music is okay in the movie, sometimes it is amazing and really gets you hyped up especially when a fight is about to take place. However, there are other times where music is being played and you don’t even notice and makes you wonder why it was even in there in the first place.

Acting time, I think a lot of people did a really good job in their roles; I really like three characters in particular. Four/Tobias, Peter and Eric and, and strangely enough all three of them are the characters that are meant to be dicks, but they all played them really well especially Jai Courney, he did a great job of getting me to hate Eric. Miles Teller (Peter) and Theo James (Tobias) where equally as great as I loved how Peter was a dick throughout the whole thing even towards the end when he knew he needed the help of Tris and Tobias to get out. While I loved Theo’s performance as he was a dick at first but we got to see the progression of him getting feelings for Tris and it is just great to see both character end up needing each other to survive

For myself, I actually really liked the movie and would recommend that people who have read the book watch it as well as a way to be able to compare then two. I gave the movie on Netflix a 4 out of 5 star as I think it was good but not excellent just because of how long it took before it got interesting, a bit like the book.

Aaron Morrsi


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