Split (2017) Review

This is a movie I have wanted to see for the longest time, I saw the trailer and instantly wanted to see what the rest of the movie was going to be like, well I finally got around to watching the movie and it is time for a review.


We follow the life of Kevin Crumb is a person who has got 23 different personalities, but they aren’t personalities they are actually people. This means that 23 different people share his body, a lot of people don’t believe this statement but a psychiatrist does called Dr. Fletcher and she meet with Kevin and whoever is in charge of the body at that moment in time and tries to find out as much as possible about this person. The reason why they believe it is 23 different peoples and not personalities is because when a different person takes over the body different things happen. For example, one of the people has got diabetes but the rest of the 22 people don’t, and this is what Dr. Fletcher is trying to show people, however they don’t believe her. While all this is happening behind Dr. Fletchers back on the of the personalities has kidnapped 3 teenagers who are believed to be unpure. They were kidnapped to be there for when a 24th personality is going to be brought out, this one is known as the beast, and the beast needs to eat.

This is not the sort of movie I normally go to watch as I am an avid lover of the superhero and action genre, but there is something about a movie which James McAvoy is in that I can’t help but watch. I also have never seen a Shyamalan film and I was expecting a twist at the end and dear god do you get one. It was about 30 minutes into the movie that I noticed that I was stuck watching as I couldn’t take my eyes off the movie. I was loving every aspect of it, this going from the amazing acting for McAvoy and Taylor-Joy to the story and setting I just wanted to see more.

The overall movie is great and I recommended that if people have the chance to be able to see this movie then do it as you won’t regret, however if you are wanting to find out more about the Kevin and his other character then you will get disappointed, this is because even though it says he has got 23 different ‘personalities’ we really only get shown 5 of them in any sort of detail and we maybe get to see 4 others in different scenes if we are lucky. We do get shown more about one of the girls past and the reason why she is acting differently to the other two who were kidnapped and what we were given is perfect for the movie and makes it possible have a better understanding of what happened in the end.

We get shown mainly two different scenes in the movie, one being were the girls have been kidnapped to and we get to see different rooms throughout the area and we also get to see the psychiatrists house. Even though we get a limited number of scenes it means we just focus more on the story which for me personally is a great thing.

James McAvoy is amazing in this and now that I have seen the movie I can say that without a doubt there is not another actor who I would to be playing this part. After seeing him in Filth and being great in that having him in this movie just shows his range and how great of an actor he is. It is probably James McAvoy who made this movie as great as it is.

As you can probably guess by now, I enjoyed this movie everything from the story and the acting to the twist at the end, from start to finish to loved it. I recommened again for people to go and watch this movie as soon as they get the chance to as it is a movie that everyone should watch.

Aaron Morrsi


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