Luke Cage Season 1 Review

Anything Marvel has been a pleasure of mine for a long time now and when I found out that Netflix were going to be making 5 different series of marvel characters I was excited, even better was that I had no idea who any of the characters were means it was going to be something new and something I haven’t seen before. Anyway, it is time for a review.


We follow the life of Carl Lucas a prison escapist who managed to escape when an explosion happened after he was partaking in an experiment. In traditional super hero terms, after the experiment failed or was a success depending on how you see it he comes out as a different person, he comes out as Luke Cage. After the experiment Luke Cage finds out he has a few new powers such as super strength and stamina and being very resistant to physical injury basically meaning he can’t be hurt. He lives in a place called Harlem, he is trying to stay low but after the person who took him in and give him a new life is killed and he is going to get pay back on his behalf.  It is while he is doing this that Cottonmouth (the gangs leader) hears about this and what’s to have Luke Cage killed. It is from there that Luke Cage and Cotton Mouth are basically in war with each other to see who is going to be left in Harlem.

For me I think that DC have got the TV series down to perfection A.K.A. Flash and The Arrow and Marvel have got the movies down to perfection A.K.A. Avengers and Captain America Civil War, but it has been sometime since I last saw a Marvel TV series, the last one beginning the first season of Agents of S.H.E.I.D. so when I first started watching Luke Cage I wasn’t expecting anything amazing but when I got into it after the third episode I was hooked, I have spent the last 2 days finishing the series and I have loved it.

The setting of the series is set around a gang life and how they go around their business especially now with Luke Cage being around and you never know if he is going to stop you or not notice what is going to happen. It seems to people a long time to realise that he is bullet proof especially when they are in a group and using machine guns against him and now a single bullet is hurting him. Cotton Mouth also owns a club –  which is basically his headquarters – and at the club he has got live musicians who play a mixture of jazz, smooth and hip hop, you better get used to this sort of music as it is all you’ll be hearing throughout the series. Even in parts where the scene isn’t set in the club if music is being played then you are most likely going to be hearing some form of this genre.

The range of settings that we get during this series is great, means you won’t ever get bored especially as the only places that seem to get repeated are Harlem Paradise (Cotton Mouths club), Pops barber and the police station. Being shown the numerous different setting shows just how far the range of Cotton Mouths gang is and shows just how far Luke Cage has got to go to be able to stop everyone and make sure Harlem is a place where everyone wants to live.

I am unsure about the acting, don’t get wrong I think everyone in the series did a good job I just think either different actors could have been used or people could have improved their performance. The only actor who I think did a great job was Simone Missick who played Misty, everyone seemed to have the same face throughout the series even if they were happy or angry other than Misty who when she was pissed you could tell she was pissed.

I am looking forward to season 2 as season 1 was left on a cliffhanger and a few unanswered questions. I recommended that if people have not yet watched this series then go and give it ago and have a look at what Marvel can do with a TV series.

Aaron Morrsi

tv review


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