Borderlands the Pre Sequel (PS4) Review

I have played through this game twice before but I needed to play through it again for my review and after getting the handsome collection I thought I might as well do it now. Anyway it is time for a review.


The story of this game is that it is up to you to save handsome jack after he starts getting attacked, after saving him it then becomes up to you to try and make sure that you both are able to get off the planet and save it from the gaint laser that is being fired at it. The laser is being fired from Zarpedon whose intention is to kill anyone who would try and open the vault. When you are about to leave the planet you find out that Zarpedon has blocked every exit expect for one. This involved you getting into a create and then being fired from the planet onto another one. It is when you get onto the new planet that you have to work your way through multiple missions to try and get to the final battle with Zarpedon and make sure the laser is stopped. It is after you finish the battle with Zarpedon that you find out that the vault has been opened and Jack will stop at nothing to get their and find out its contents.

For me this is my favourite story out of the three games I have played so far, this is mainly because of how story heavy it is. I played the handsome collection which comes with the additional DLC and characters so that might of added to the overall content but either way I was very happy with what I got for my money. The story is told in its traditional borderlands style, with some seriousness but a lot of comedy to make sure you enjoy your time playing.

The way the game plays is fantastic and I had no trouble getting used to the controls and how everything felt. The only time I took a bit longer than instantly to get used to how the character played was the first time there was no gravity, and after the first two jumps I was used to the distance I could jump and how well I would be able to judge where I would land. This made killing enimies in the air even better and a lot more fun then a regular on the floor killing.

the look of this game is some of my favourite type of art ever, I am pretty sure the only thing that beats the cartoon animated style of game is pixel art. Everything to the characters to a random rock you will see looks great to me and makes the overall experience of the game a lot better.

The only thing I can really complain about is how it sort of makes you do the side missions. I play a game for the story not the side mission (don’t ask me why I love skyrim so much I just do) so when I was playing through the story mode and came to the final few bosses and found I was 5 levels underleved I was pissed off because my gun wasn’t doing anything to the bosses which made me have to go and do side missions just so I could be a higher level. I didn’t even find any better guns either and for me just ruined the experience of just going through the story and having fun doing so. Don’t get me wrong the side missions are just as if not funnier then the story but I want to have the option of not doing them instead of being made to.

This is the best game in the series so far and it makes me want to played tales from the borderlands just so I am able to get even more story. Go and pick up this game as on the PS4 and Xbox one it is only £20 and you get two great games.

Aaron Morrsi



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