Extreme City GT Racing Stunt App Review

This is an app I have had on my phone for about 2 months now and would start playing it every now and then whenever I was traveling or was just bored and wanted something to play for a few minutes. Anyway, it is time for a review.


This is a racing game on a mobile so as you could probably expect there is zero story, even though there is a career mode but that is literally all just random levels. To be totally honest I am quite glad that there is no story as with the way I was playing the game I don’t think I would have been able to remember a single thing that had happened.

The game itself plays okay, not great but not bad. Sometimes the game can play perfectly and you can do the level in 1 or 2 tries but sometimes you can barely even control the car properly – especially if you are using boost – that the level almost becomes unplayable but you must keep playing just to be able to get to the next level. It was these sorts of levels where you find out you can basically skip the whole map and get to the finish line by aiming your car just right and using the right amount of boost and finish the level in seconds instead of having to go through all the frustration of finishing the stupid level.

I do like the way the game looks, even though not a single part of it looks realistic, that is everything from the cars to the levels it all just looks like a simple game that was made to keep you entertained for a few minutes.

I did find that the game would lag at some points and I had no idea why as where it was lagging there wasn’t anything too complicated to look at and it would look the same throughout the whole level. When the game would lag it would mean that you might miss a turn or you dont slow down in time, this becomes a real nusence when all you want to do is finish the level.

Why they decided to have a slow mo section just before you crossed the finish line I will never know, even then it isn’t on every level just the levels where there is a ramp before the line. I found this to be a massive waste of time and it took about 5 seconds for the slow mo to stop and for you to finally beat the level.

There are 20 levels on this game and each one will range between 30 seconds to 2 minutes to finish but that is only if you do it perfectly the first time. I found that some levels you could do first time but others would take me 10,20 or 30 goes just to be able to do everything perfectly. One of the easiest levels of the whole game is level 19, as you barely even must turn it is literally keep moving and you will get to the end.

This game is free and comes with a free roam section and 20 levels for you to enjoy and I know I seem to have said a lot of bad points about the game but it is still a good game in small quantities where you just want to waste a few minutes.

If you want to download the app for android then here is a link for you : Extreme Stunts

Aaron Morrsi


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