Skulduggery Pleasant Playing With Fire by Derek Landy Review

Skulduggery Pleasant is one of my all-time favourite book series and after reading the first book again last year I wanted to be able to finish the series again before book 10 is released later this year. Anyway, it is time for a review


The Story

Skulduggery and Valkyrie are facing a new enemy: Baron Vengeous, who is determined to bring back the terrifying Faceless Ones and is crafting an army of evil to help him. Added to that, Vengeous is about to enlist a new ally (if he can raise it from the dead): the horrible Grotesquery, a very unlikable monster of legend.

Once Vengeous is on the loose, dead bodies and vampires start showing up all over Ireland. Now pretty much everybody is out to kill Valkyrie, and the daring detective duo faces its biggest challenge yet.

But what if the greatest threat to Valkyrie is just a little closer to home?

Taken from goodreads

My Opinion

The reason why I love this series is because it is able to take something serious such as risking a person’s life in order to save the world and make it funny. When I read these books again I find myself smiling as I am able to remember back to when I first this series and loved every minute. I am now 21 and I still get the same feeling I did back then and I am able to remember why I loved this series as much as I did.

The author has done a very good job of giving a good description of everything while also keeping all the action that is happening so fast pace. You are able to imagine what the battle look like in your head because Derek Landy did a good job of being able to describe how the magic looks like, what the surrounding area is, what the characters look like but also while this is all happening he has got all the action going on as well. I have noticed that a few authors have trouble with this and it is great to see that Derek is not one of these.

Just about every part of this book is action packed and makes you really get into the book very quickly, in fact the first scene of the book is where Stephanie is going to be thrown of a church building and you just want to keep reading to find out why she is there. I do like a book that slowly gets into the action but this series is one that keeps the action going throughout and does so without making it boring or predictable. It also helps that they don’t win all the battles, they will lose some and that helps keep the reader entertained.

It is probably the funny aspect that keeps these books as good as they are to me, just the random snippets they say to each other every now and then and the amount of sarcasm you get from just being a few chapters in is fantastic. This takes it from being a fantasy and having it almost become real life.

I am probably being really biased about this book due to how much I love the series overall but I do think if you have read the first book and weren’t sure if you wanted to start the next book then trust me you will want to read the next book as it is better then the first.

Aaron Morrsi

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