13 Reasons Why Review

While I was away in Thailand, I kept seeing lots of different status and twitter posts about how amazing this show was, I personally hadn’t heard about it. So, I didn’t get a chance to watch it till I came back and well I watched the whole season in one day. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The show is about a girl who was getting severely bullied while at school and she couldn’t take it anymore. She ended up killing herself as she couldn’t find a way for her to be happy with how everyone was treating her. Before she died, she made 13 tapes on why she did what she did and wanted the people who caused her to kill herself to know what they did. The tapes end up coming to a boy called Clay, Clay is different from everyone else as he didn’t say a bad thing about Hannah and would consider her a friend if not more. When Clay hears the tapes, he starts to take things into his own hands and tries to get revenge on all the people who hurt Hannah.

This is not what I normally watch and if it wasn’t for Lauren recommending it to me I don’t think I would of. However, when I sat down and watched the first episode I couldn’t stop and just wanted to find out more and more about what all the people did to Hannah and how they are reacting to it.

The acting in the show is great, I can’t really fault anyone of the actors. The actors who played Clay, Justin and Oliva Baker were the best actors in show. Dylan Minnette, Brandon Flynn and Kate Walsh put in amazing performances throughout the show. You are really able to tell how much Clay liked Hannah and wanted to make sure that her memory wasn’t tarnished. You see Justin start off as a big-headed jock but by the end of the season you see just how much he hurt Hannah and Jessica, his girlfriend. Also, it makes you think is he going to do the same as Hannah (slit his wrists). Then we have Oliva Baker (Hannah Mum). Every time I saw her on the screen I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her and I just wanted her to be okay and win the court case she is going to be part off.

I do like the way they made sure to give Clay a face injury at the very beginning of the show so that people would be able to tell the difference between the present and flashbacks. They also give the show a slight orange tinge whenever the show went back in time to help with the same matter.

The one part I hate about this show is the ending, everything was going amazing I was loving every minute and then it just ends. It has got so many cliffhanger that it is just unbearable, I just want to ask Netflix what the fuck. The show is called 13 reasons why and we got all 13 reasons (we sort of missed on but still we know why) so the ended should have tied everything together but it didn’t and was left with open questions. All I would want is one more episode to explain what happened to the character after the court, what happens with Alex, Justin, Jessica, are the mum and dad okay and do they win the court battle. An ending to a season is a massive thing, and I am normally all about the cliff-hangers but not when a show is basically finished and they have left it with so many questions.

Obviously, we have got to talk about the main reason the whole show even exists and that is to raise awareness for suicide. No one suspected that Hannah would do what she did, and when people find what she had done everyone started to think she was doing it for attention. Yet when you find out why she did what she did you start to think about all the bad things you have said to people or actions you have done and wonder how badly they might of affected the people you said them to.

Overall the show is amazing and it really gets you to think about what high school is like and if Hannah made the right decision or not. It also makes you think about what you actually say to people as you don’t want to be one of the people who causes someone to go to the extreme measure of killing themselves. I will be recommending this show to everyone so go and have a watch if you haven’t yet.

Aaron Morrsi

tv review


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