Fried Season 1 Review

This is a series I found while looking for something to watch after finishing 13 reasons why, it only had 6 episodes so it would be nice and easy to watch whenever I found some spare time. Anyway, it is time for a review.


We follow 6 people who all work in a branch of Specially Fried Chicken, but the branch they work at is the worst branch in the whole franchise. That is why Mary was put in charge of the shop to make sure that the branch couldn’t get any worse. When Mary was put in charge of the branch this caused pain to the Assistant Manager Derek as he has been at the branch of 15 years and applied to be manager. The other 4 staff members all work there for different reasons, Amara is working there to pay back her dad after crashing his car, Joe is only there because of Amara and his massive crush on her, and we have got the bitch Shontal and the idiot Ed.

This is a comedy series that has very little comedy, the only part of the show that I found even slightly funny was Ed and that was only because he came out with random bullshit every now and then but even he was boring me by the last episodes as you could just tell he was going to say something stupid, there was basically a whole episode where he was obsessed with a chicken nugget that might look like Jesus. The relationship between Joe and Amara is on the borderline between weird and cringe, Joe stops at nothing to try and get with her while Amara is telling him to go away at any possible opportunity. I was just sick of this by the end of the second episode but they kept at it the whole way through.

I hope you like the look of a chicken shop as if you watch this series then that is all you are going to see, from what I can remember there were only 3 other scenes that weren’t taken in or outside the chicken shop and that is the owner of the franchise office, a random large room for an award ceremony and Marys bedroom. I wished they went outside more as it is the few scenes that weren’t in the shop that were the best.

Of course, with a series like this you can’t expect the acting to be too great, they all played the sort of people you expect to work in a bad branch of a chicken shop very well but that is all I can say about the acting as there isn’t anything to comment on.

For me I can tell why there wasn’t another season made as this show is just awful. The only reason I kept watching is because as I said before there were only 6 episodes at 20 mins each so quick 2 hours. I suggest you find another series to watch on Netflix if you are thinking of watching this as you will just be wasting your time.

Aaron Morrsi

tv review


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  1. Can’t believe you never mentioned the fact Mary has broken up with her ex “Gareth” and this topic is her characters ONLY outlet of comedy. It gets dry the FIRST time you hear it. And it cringingly bad stuff, always going on for sentences saying stuff NOBODY would say out loud and she’s just mumbling away what she apartly DIDNT do over Gareth this morning. As soon as she makes that face you know a far fetched over the top fake ass Gareth comment is coming.
    When she finally meets him “I have your number on speed dial and sometimes the cat presses the buttons. Not even one “ha” from me. Fucking pathetic writing and even worse acting


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