IZombie Season 1 Review

This show never seemed to interest me for a long time, but that is only because I say the wallpaper of the show but when I finally watched the trailer I thought I might as well give it a go and see what I thought of it. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The story starts out when we start to follow Liv Moore (Do you get the joke?) in her normal life of being a doctor, engaged to an amazing person and just being an overall nice person. That is till she is invited to go to a boat party by a friend of hers and that is when her life changed forever, she became a zombie after a bad mix of drugs and alcohol started causing people on the boat to become crazy. She was announced to be dead as no one could feel her pulse but when she woke up later that day that is when her life changed, she needed to eat brains. When a zombie easts brain they take some of the memories and traits of the person brain they have just eat, so Liv uses this to her advantage and tries to solve as many unsolvable murder cases as possible thanks to her friend Ravi and Clive.

It took 30 minutes into the first episode of get obsessed with this series, I think the mixture of comedy with detective work made the show be as good as it is. It reminds me a little bit of a zombie version of Sherlock Holmes as it could be any little think that could set of a vision from Liv that can help take the case to the next level. Sometimes the story might seem like it is episode based like a sitcom but some aspects are talked about throughout the whole season such as will Major and Liv get back together at some point and will Ravi find a cure to being a zombie. When you start, the series expect to get a little bit obsessed.

This series is based on a comic book but I didn’t know this till I started, and that is only because the way the text is written and how they make their transactions look like a comic book tile being flipped over. When I did a little bit more research about the show for this review I found that to be a true and I regret not starting the show earlier as I love comic book to TV shows, hence why I love marvel so much.

The main areas in which this show takes place is a morgue (where Ravi and Liv work together), a police station and Livs apartment but we do get to see a lot more of Seattle as well with multiple new zombies being introduced throughout the season, as well as all the places that the murder victims happened to go. Because of all the new locations and the often flash backs with Liv zombie brain the show seemed to be able take a 40-minute episode and have it feel like 20 which is a good thing and a bad thing. A bad thing when you want to watch just one more episode before bed as you are sure that they are only 20 minutes long till you realise it is 4 in the morning and you’ve watched 10 episodes by accident. It’s also a good thing for the same reason.

The acting is great; Liv places a functional zombie very well and it is because of her and Ravi that the show is as good as it is. I love the relationship of overly excited and helpful boss/friend of Ravi who wants to make sure that Liv is doing okay to the ever-changing personality of Livs (thanks to the brains) and finding out what new trait she is going to have in the new episode.

Do I think you should watch this show? Of course, I do as I think that just about everyone will love it as it has got everything, action, comedy, detective work and a bit of romance what is there not to love.

Aaron Morrsi

tv review


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