Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 Review

This is a movie I have been wanting to see for a ling time, I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to it but when I saw it on Netflix I had to watch it. Anyway, it is time for a review.

The story continues right from where the last movie ended, and that is we are on the island and Flint has just saved the day after his invention almost destroyed the town. It is after he saves the town that his idol starts to notice him and offers him a chance to work for him. This is Flints dream as it means he will be able to invent things for a living. However after a while the owner of Live and Flints hero Chester V ask Flint to go back to the island to help clean up the place, it is when he gets back to the island he notices just how much things have changed.

The story is alright but I was actually bored throughout the first half of the film, I tried watching it while I was at uni but I gave up and went to bed before the half an hour mark. As soon as they get to the island then things start to get a lot more interesting and I got really engaged with the film and I actually didn’t go on my phone expect to send a snapchat saying im watching this movie.

Before I say anything else I have go to mention Barry, if you haven’t watched the movie and have got no idea who the hell Barry is then he is the cutest thing I have seen since BMO. Barry is a strawberry and as you can see below he is cute as hell and I love him. It actually hurt me when Flint was mean to him.

Anyway the movie looks great, it looks the same as the first movie but a little bit crisper if that makes any sense, it was just looking at the main character and comparing them to my memory of the first movie that I noticed this. I think the work that they did on all the food animal was amazing and I loved them all (especially Barry)

A lot of the humour in this movie is food related and sometimes I enjoy it while others I wished that they would just stop. The leek in my boat joke was funny but then they ruined it by using the joke again and I personally thought that showed sloppy writing.

Did I like the movie? Yeah I actually did, I wish they made the first half an hour more interesting and would of made some better food jokes but other than that it is a great watch especially if you don’t really want to focus to much on what is actually happening. So go out and give this a watch I am sure that you wont regret it.

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