Pokémon The First Movie Review

This is a movie I used to watch just about every year but the last few I never seemed to get around to it. With some time, off and wanting to watch a movie I just had to watch it and see if it is just as great as I remembered it. Anyway, it is time for a review.

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We follow Ash and friends as they get an invite by a mystery trainer who claims to be the best trainer in the world. Of course, Ash can’t turn down the challenge and makes his way to the island to find out who is the world’s best trainer. To Ash’s surprise it is not a trainer but a Pokémon who is the world’s best. This is when we are introduced to Mewtwo the successful clone of Mew. It is from here that we find out if Mewtwo is the best trainer and why exactly he invited so many trainers to come to his island.

I haven’t watched any Pokémon in about 5 years, but when I was watching this movie I can remember why I loved it so much. I loved the story that this movie has got and what a difference it was to the anime at the time which would have the occasional sad part but was mostly fun and watching Ash train up his Pokémon. This is what made Pokémon great for me as it was something I haven’t seen before from what was my favourite show and just made me want to watch more.

The way the movie looks is not as great as I once thought but seeing how the movie was made all the way back in 1999 I’m going to let it off as even though it is not great it is still good, even if it is in about 600p. it is strange to think that when this movie came out I was 3 and I am still in love with it. During the battles, all the Pokémon moves are still bright and vibrate and are good enough to keep your attention even if you are doing something else.

The music is better than I first thought, if there is a battle then you have got some quick speedy music that gets you hyped up and makes you want to be a Pokémon trainer. Then we get some slow sadder music when the serious scenes start coming which is thick and fast in the later part of the movie. When that music started playing when ash got turned to stone I started crying, that was and still in the saddest scene in any movie I have ever seen. If you didn’t cry when you watched that part, then you have got a heart of stone.

There are two things that a lot of people remember this movie for, the above scene and the quote that Mewtwo says at the end (included picture below). It makes you wonder why people seem to think this movie is for children.

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This is without a doubt one of my all-time favourite movies and I find it hard to say anything bad about it so this review might be a little bit biased. But even if I am being biased I still suggest you see this movie either again or for the first time as you’ll love it.

Aaron Morrsi

Movie review


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