Pokémon Platinum (DS) Review

After watching the first Pokémon movie for the first time in year it made me want to play a Pokémon game, but it had to be a game that I haven’t yet reviewed so that is why I went straight onto eBay and bought Pokémon Platinum. Anyway, it is time for a review.


You start of this game as you do with just about every Pokémon game and that is when you are about to start your journey into becoming the best Pokémon trainer in the world. You pick your character and then your best friend comes running into your room saying he had an amazing idea and that is when your Pokémon journey begins. That is when you start traveling across the new region of Sinnoh and get to see what this brand-new region has got to offer; you will battle hundreds of trainers and Pokémon and work your way through the badges till you get to the elite 4. Once you beat them then be prepared to be the best Pokémon trainer in the world. While on your journey you will come across a team known as team Galactic who are trying to get a portal into a new world so they have a chance of capturing a legendary Pokémon and it is up to you to stop them from doing this as apparently, no one else can do this. Worst part is the champion of the region is there watching you but apparently won’t do anything to stop the world from ending.

The story is basically the same as any other Pokémon game, you get badges and you stop the enemy team nothing seems to change. The rival is without a doubt one of the worst there is, Barry is just so stupid, his moto is for winning battles is dodge all hits and make sure all your hit. Well no shit Barry. I want rivals like Gary and Hugh people who want make you want to battle them.

The game looks alright, but going back to this game after almost ten years you can see that the game hasn’t aged all that well. I do think that all the Pokémon sprites do look good as well as the move animations, makes you want to battle more Pokémon with more moves just to be able to see them all.

The music is one thing I do like about this game, as with most Pokémon games. Everything is just great as with each new route then you get to listen to some amazing music before you must battle someone. One thing I don’t like is how the music changes the second you get onto your bike, it did this so much that I ended up despising the bike theme tune.

Out of all the pokemon games I have played (which is them all) then this is my third favourite but going back to it after long and seeing the improvement that has been made in Sun and Moon it really makes the game look bad. It is still a great game to play with the music and all the new pokemon and new places to visit so if you haven’t played it yet then give it a go as it is still a lot better then X/Y, ORAS and Sun and Moon.

Aaron Morrsi

Game Review


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